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>Runway talk
>Recent purchases

Predictions/Hopes/Dreams for SS17

>Season list, Fabric and leather product code list, Leather jacket guide

>Notable Interviews
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fv071R_bPPc [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmyKmIaodyQ [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0NqydSer5I [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikU1dxuQPYY [Embed]

Sizing FAQ:
Footwear: This is all foot shape dependant, if you have high arches or are flat footed sizing may vary.
>Geobaskets and Cargobaskets
Size down 0.5 to 1 whole size
>Ramones (Highs, Lows, DRKSHDW Lows, DRKSHDW Highs and Vegans)
TTS, High top Mainline Ramones can accomodate sizing down 0.5
>Ramones Socks
Size down 1
>Basket Creepers, Sidezip Creepers, Limo/Spiral Creepers and Combat boots
TTS, old season limo creepers may require sizing down 1
>Adidas Tech Runners, Adidas Vicious Runners, Adidas stretch boot, Adidas Springblades (Lows and Highs)
TTS or down 0.5, Adidas stretch boots should be sized TTS to your UK sizing

>Drawstring pants
Size down 1
>Suiting Pants and Denim
>Blazers and Leather Jackets (Numerical sizing)
Size up
>Leather Jackets (Letter Sizing)
>Tees, tops and tanks
TTS, Sizing should take into account how garment is wanted to fit. Silk blend garments may need sizing up
>Knitwear, Hoodies, Sweaters and general Outerwear

This is only a guide, trying things on in store is the only sure way of knowing if it will fit. Sizing does also vary season to season.

Under appreciated shoes edition
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Full rick at dreamhack might have been the best / worst idea desu
Where is a good place to look for trades for my Geos?
this is so autistic.
fashion is just a display of the human capacity to rationalize.
this is how genocides happen.

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It's time I changed my place, Post interior inspo.
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Drop a pic & start some discussion or get something off your chest
We're all friends here
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Please post all one-shot questions here.

Answers aren't guaranteed.

Please don't start a thread just because you don't get an answer.

Thanks /fa/micoms

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What colors go with olive besides black and brown?
white and grey
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apparently acne is now /fa/

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So it's like all fashionable things?
Acceptable if you're genetically gorgeous..

If some proper ugly cunt had acne nary a man or woman would go near them. Unless they were going through puberty of course.
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I won't allow it
This will never become norm
Keep my hopes high

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getting sick of the others.
no summerfags version
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>starting multiple threads while a live one is still up
that's not how this works
Way to basic to justify a tripcode, sorry dude

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post your pieces and projects
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How do you do minimal custom jean jackets?

Does anyone have any inspo on this?
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Do you have anything OP?

Halfway done with my Cheech Wizard tshirt. I just need to sew on the stars and close the sides.

I have some electrical wires with red insulation and I decided to make a belt from it.

Here's a link with some books: http://dropcanvas.com/3l480
The link expires in three days sadly.

We need a FAQ, where we give answers to the basic questions. This interests me, but where should I start? Which sewing machine should I buy? What fabric should I use?
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thanks for the link to those pdfs :)

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can a girl with big boobs ever be effay?
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no wtf?
If they're proportional to the rest of the body, sure.

Small tits will always reign superior though.
Big chest circumference: no.
Small band size w/ big boobs: maybe

post fits you wished ur gf/future gf would wear
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for what purpose

will this lead to finding gfs or is this just waifushit circlejerking
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>not realizing a girl made this thread to find out what effay boys like
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and we already know who it is

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Lets post here since the other one is pretty dead...

>cole sprouse is literally goals
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>tfw I post in the other thread and nobody answers in hours

Im going for a cut tomorrow. What should I ask for? What kind of cuts fit my head?

pls help
>be 33
>look 17

What kind of hair styles are good for looking older? Are bangs in the forehead a big no-no?

For fucks sake don't recommend an undercut.
your hair is short as hell dude. just keep growing it or get a Caesar or something

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What is /fa/ wearing on their feet this summer
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Got any pics of these with white socks?
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got you covered senpai

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old one is full
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just copped this from goodwill

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blaze it
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old one still has tome boi

my butt is ready

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us flag.png
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which is the most effay flag, and why is it the american one?
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beautiful country
The British flag, desu, and I have no particular affection for the British. Union Jack is just a good design.
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charming town.jpg
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Late war germans were pretty effay
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