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Hi /fa/gs
I wanna buy a cool denim jacket, under 100 euros.
Can you recommend me some good ones?
This ones pretty sick
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Koop een vintage Levis jas op ebay voor 30 pond en naai er een patch op, probleem opgelost.
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No fucking way.jpg
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Levi is een kanker merk,
Waarom draagt je boy in je OP foto dan een Levis jasje? ;-^)

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/fa/ moto thread

pls post gear and inspo
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What are some haircuts that only white males can get?
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all the terrible ones
racial insecurity: the post

in general natural blond/light brown hair. peope can dye their hair though so its not all the way unique

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was Lenin /fa/?
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no, he was an inbred psychopath.
bourgeois liberal scum
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bourgeois, yes
liberal, no

just very redpill'd, dont trust the judeo-masonic cabal, that's all.

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has anyone taken advantage of the pounds crash yet? post /fa/ online stores in UK
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maybe Amazon UK has some good sales but I don't know what to buy from there lol
Holy FUCK is this real
>tfw canadian and your dollar is worthless so you cant cop anything online ever

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>tfw adidas is dropping more siq sneakers and raising the bar for another month

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who do i gotta fuck to get a pair of these
what are these those NMD shits? I need a pair of those
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1MB, 2251x1500px

its funny because nike was so ahead of its time in terms of design and this retarded ninja aesthetic.

>pic related was created in 2000

So what's up with slp and hedi now? I know hedi doesnt work for slp any more. But there hasnt been a summer 17 show from slp this year, has it? Irrc they hired another guy but nothing else has been aaid since then

Also is hedi going to join anyother brand? Will he stop designing, or will he make his own brand?

SLP inspo thread too i guess
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how new?
Havent browsed /fa/ for several months now, since f/w shows. The state of this board became shit and I decided to quit, dont really follow anyother fashion related webs, so dont know shit about what they are doing now. I started browsing /fa/ several years ago tho
hedi is supposed to design menswear for chanel, and he is filing suit against SLPs company

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Any idea where to buy these?
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maine lace up boots levis i think
i'll check this
How do you get the pants tucked in to boots thing going without being uncomfortable as shit because you have fucking jeans tucked into the tips of your boots?
Tuck them and tighten them. Or don't tighten them. Deal with it. Pretty comfy when you see Dat silhouette.

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Anyone know w2c these fucking pants fuck I need them
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I spilled some rum on those pants when he was performing in a club in Brussels. Just wanted to share that with you.
1/1 balmain made for him by Rousteing.

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High/lower end shit welcome! I'm a little bored with what these threads have to offer lately so here's some less boring things to get us started
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What's that? Elbow holes??? UNHEARD OF
File: image.jpg (683KB, 1280x1760px)Image search: [Google]
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File: image.jpg (64KB, 740x1109px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /fa/ I have a couple of questions that have been bugging me lately

How would you describe your style?
How many different styles do you dress in?
How often do you change your style?
How did you find your style?

Pic related is me. I plundered my brothers closet yesterday and dressed like a trasher because I really felt like I needed a change and wanted to try it out. Results were ok, I met with my artsy girl crew yesterday, most of them said it makes me look younger. Its a lot different from what I dress normaly.
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not at all
lose the hat


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What do virginal men and women wear?
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Rick Owens
I know plenty of virgin dudes who just wear those weird-ass dri-fit workout shirts and usually cargo shorts or walmart dudes.

I only know like one virgin girl and she wears the same tame impala shirt at least twice a week

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i want these so bad.jpg
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are they actually worth it ? i really like the silhouette and the color of the leather. i have pretty wide feet. how do they actually fit ? are they comfortable ? do they last long ? i've seen other alternatives but they're just not the same.
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File: adrian.jpg (96KB, 878x899px)Image search: [Google]
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this is the alternative that i've been considering. Acne Adrian is wider, which is good for me. and it's made in the same factory as CPs.
bump. i know a lot of you owns CPs. help me. are they worth it ? are CPs actually comfortable ?
bump agyn

pic very related, i would pay so much fucking money for one of these, strap it to my jeans w those d-rings Blackmeans puts on everything and never take it off
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Grey Supreme Bogo Hoodie.
>tfw have to either go to their main store in japan,
or find an online japanese retailer to find the unique jackets.
I tracked one down in my size but the dude refuses to sell :,(

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I'm bored and feel like posting the pics I've liked best from /fa/

r8 b8 and constern8
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ur shirt has holes mb take it to tailor and those keys are very easy to stole trust me
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