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What the fuck do I do about my large forehead?

It is literally the worst feature a male can have.
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forehead reduction
Consider owning it and going full bald. You dont have a large forehead, you hairline is higher up and back.
Really, for many people, it balances their head far more.
I'm scared to try it.
I've always had bangs and going bald would be a very big change.

If it looks bad I'm basically fucked

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What retailers in Melbourne would /fa/ recommend?
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any on chapel st?
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>want to recommend stores
>live in ATL

bad skin?
bad hair?
if you really wanna be pretty
buy some coconuts

coconut oil, coconut meat, (i don't know how that shit is called), coconut water
and use them to achieve a e s t h e t i c s

thank me later, boys.
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i'm able to answer some questions from you fuckers

but only for the next 10 minutes
gotta go to the beach beach lalala
True, coconut is the fruit of the Lord, bad teeth? Coconut oil
another top tip

use coconut oil to lube up your anus like i do

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shit like this.jpg
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Hi. I'm from /tg/ and I need some help.

I'm playing a game set in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure universe, so my character needs to look fabulous as fuck. Unfortunately,

>from /tg/

So I have no idea how to go about this without embarrassing myself. Two of the other players are normal people, so I can't just make something up, they'd know I'm pulling things out of my ass.

Can you guys help me design an over-the-top outfit for my character?
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full rick
I don't know what that means.

Gee, I guess it would help if I described the character I had in mind. Woman. Tall, 9/10, kind of /fit/, medium-length red hair that's always sticking up because anime and also because electricity powers.

I know we're probably mortal enemies but I have nowhere else I can ask.
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got u my man

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How can I get my hair to look like pic related ? Do I need to stop shampooing, use some kind of product or what ?
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This is how my hair looks at the moment
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Have you watched Chef?
No, who dat ?

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I /fa/, first time around. I'm checking the sticky, don't cry about it.
I'm 184 cm tall, skinny to built, glassed and nerdy.
I want something agressive and professional for work (engineering and lab) resembling punk style, but it must look...you know, good. I commonly use the same jeans, black hoodies and green jacket till they're ripped.

Where do I start?
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Also, related infographs are much apreciated.
Is this a slow board?
you'll look like a tryhard just wear what you're comfortable with

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Do any of you guys know the effects of coconut oil in hair? I have been growing my hair out for 7 months and someone recommended me to put coconut oil in my hair, do you know the effects of this?
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its a good natural conditioner / treatment. I use it like a couple times a year if I do something particularly damaging to my hair
I use it after every shower and make my hair look smooth and moisturized.
yes, you hair will smell like coconut and it will be sticky

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pls, there has to be someone else around here who can rec me a nice place for a cut. so far i havent been able to find a good barber
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dubs for bumps
another bump
Golden Rule Salon

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I am balding both in the crown and in the front, and my hair is pretty shitty already for being so fine and straight. It looks similar to Prince William's hair (but mine is overgrown atm, and I have not lost as much as he has in this picture - yet)

Is there any possible haircut I could get that would actually look good? Or is my only option to go all Jason Statham? I don't want to look like Moby though, considering I'm very white and usually wear glasses.

Also, general male pattern baldness advice thread
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You have two options: Buzz or start fin.
fin gives you ED, depression and lowered sex drive

try minoxodil foam and then resort to fin
get lasik and start lifting witcha moby looken ass

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So I just got a pair like new SLP Cropped Jodhpurs for a pretty good price, however they're from fw15. I heard that SLP has been getting progressively shittier with each passing season. Can anyone comment on the difference between cropped jodhpurs from different seasons? Did I get the shittiest ones?
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why don't you form your own opinions instead of being a fucking moron and getting your panties in a bunch because of negative hearsay on the internet
I like the ones I have a lot, however I just wanted to know what the differences between different seasons are, since there's not a lot of info on the internet.
From what I've seen in person the dip in quality has only been in the clothes. I think my FW15 boots are just as good as my SS14 boots, but some newer RTW hasn't been as nice as the early collections.

Ask around in the styleforum thread if you want a better answer.

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I need some advice, help. I am crippled to be without a fashion sense entirely. Is this okay (not laughable) for a date at an art gallery? Thanks so much. My shoes should be fine, don't worry about them please.
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Better pic here sorry
no why are you wearing 2 jackets its summer
try not being an ethnocentric buffoon for one second and think before you post

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On a scale of one to ten, how much did I fuck up?
And yes, I am 18.

Also semi-rate thread I guess.
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Pretty badly, looks like someone skinned a skunk and slapped it on your head
Ower 9000 / 10 .. Also you look like a tran.. Cant figure out if ir b/g

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Let's get a thrift thread going /fa/. Copped pic related for 8 dollars but they're a half size too small. Can I stretch them a bit by spraying lightly with water and putting shoe trees inside? Also post recent thrifts and thriftcore inspo
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What are thoooossseee
Make sure you get them all dust free and clean and then condition them. Will stop the rest of the leather cracking like the tongue.
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Copped a denim shirt with this usmc patch

how's my summer fit looking /fa/?
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w2c short glaive
Why so many metalheads are so autistic and out of touch with reality?

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What the fuck can I wear in this weather it's unbearable
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Full Rick
tank top
no underwear
But all my shorts for this weather are thin linen. I need some kind of barrier between my cock and the world.

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