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why arent you wearing short shorts /fa/
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I don't have the legs to pull it off that good :^(
I am... 5" inseam b o i s

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Is $85 too much for a tie? Pic related.
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if its ugly its ugly might be soft and worth lots of money but you'll still b lookin like fox mulder dressed you
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nice tie.jpg
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Where can I get this tie?
Nah, the cutoff point for paying too much for a tie is $350

$85 is on the cheap tie.

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Aburame Shino (10).jpg
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Which Naruto was the most effay?
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You got it.
why can't I dress like this without getting made fun of

god damn
By the way, are there sandals like that in real life? They look comfy as fuck.

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Thoughts about the new Y-3 show?

Link to the show: https://youtu.be/cr08EIfnALE

For newfriends, Y-3 is the ongoing collaboration between fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and sportswear company Adidas. It is known for being futuristic as well as somewhat more focused on functionality than many fashion lines. The overall aesthetic is a more technologically-focused version of Yamamoto's typical un-fitted, spare, mostly black style. (no Y-3 general so I figured I'd throw this in even though most of you are no doubt familiar with Y-3)

As for this show in particular, I was personally intrigued by the space-faring look of many of the fits. Boots seemed moon-worthy. Backpacks had hydration packs installed for long treks. Huge visors could be shielding from solar radiation. The clear cables running throughout some of the fits suggested fiber optics or IV tubes to me, both of which are interesting prospects. Y-3 shows often focus on black, white, red, blue and perhaps one other color, and in this show the almost medical teal seemed to encapsulate the idea of living in an antiseptic environment, or else perhaps a recollection of a previous blue-green world that is no longer home.

In an interview with fashion writer Luke Leitch regarding the show, Yamamoto says, "It might be beautiful in the street."
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same old same old

no matter how much adjectives you slap on this show is a 5-6 out of 10 at best

y3 isn't even yohji at this point
true, y3 is y3. who else is really pushing the space and tech angles in fashion? Rick and LV are the only ones that come to mind, and they do other things better imo. if you don't dig those themes that's fine, but that's a big part of the nature of Y-3 y'know?
legitimately curious as to what shows you'd rate near/at 10/10

So as SLP continues to go to shit, are all the fanboys going to jump onto The SoloIist?

Takahiro's latest collection seems to be more innovative and well put together in regards to the 'rockstar style' than anything SLP has put out in years
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>brand "fanboys"
>"jumping onto" another brand
this is actually everything thats wrong with /fa/
This was the look of the collection for me
OP here, not disagreeing with you at all

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I'm going on vacations to a really hot city and have no shoes for it.

Are pic related worth it, or just go with some REEF flip flops.
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g r e y s u e d e

and yes birks are worth it, if you dont want to pay the price, there are plenty of knock off versions, if you want the real thing, they released the plastic ones which are only around $40

otherwise, Teva makes p /fa/ sandals too imo
I bought the original brown leather Birkenstocks on sale and they're great.
Although I wouldn't pay $100+ if you rarely wear them.

Can we have a thread about how to pull this sort of thing off whilst passing for a functional member of society? I'm thinking:

>dark colors that aren't earth tone
>black leather and steel accessories
>speedlaces or leather palladiums

post industrialspo pl0x
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call me faggo, I personally think this looks sick
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Of course being sweaty is not effay, but if you had to choose...
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tennis, swimming, fencing

Grecco Roman wrestling
i think cycling is pretty good if it didn't require wearing all that skin thight lycra/spandex

1. Price wall for nice bikes (no poor plebs)
2. EU produced bikes/gear are the most valued
3. Biggest event is in paris

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going to mexico city in a few days. any stores i should check out or are beaners hopeless?
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Most effay store in Mexico is ZARA

So, nothing to see there.
You're hopeless
western wear stores if you're into that

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shit rules.jpg
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>be me
>graduating in 2 days from high school
>school forces you to cut hair below 1/2 inch to even graduate
>can't leave house for months now
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how do i unsubscribe from this blog
the fuck, where do they do this?
you know what's not /fa/? being this insecure.

id imagine a military school of some sort

also, post pic OP

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what rutine diet i should follow to get first body type.
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1xF of /fit/ups
now in english please.

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I worked hard to curate this compilation of some of the best pieces available
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10/10 fit lad
W2C gauntlet mit
I believe it's from a loot crate

Females of /fa/, what male styles make your knee's weak? Don't just think about the handsome guy in them though.
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as a male, do you get sexually aroused by clothes in and of themselves? Even if they were ugly af? The person wearing them has everything to do with it
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don't be retarded
a good face, a good body, a large dick, or a large bank account makes knees weak

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pic related is my hair. I just want opinions of the look
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looks like a nigger version of ramen noodles

>rhymin' noodles
Tying your hair up in a bun is objectively played out and unfashionable

Leaving it down is still good as long as it suits you
Op doesn't have nigger hair

Can we get a 90's inspo thread going? Preferably with Air Jordan's?
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Anyone have the pic of the cops at the LA riots
File: R_King_beating.png (99KB, 381x262px)Image search: [Google]
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It's sort of hard to see anything, but here you go anyways

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