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Post rate discuss
Not pictured are Marley headphones lol and club masters

Why carrying a knife over a multi tool?
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not pictured: wayfarers

are you me

also I have that lens
What would be a simple, affordable, and decently /fa/ way to carry an ipad, keys, notepad or notebook, maybe a small book, and the ability to hold a dslr maybe on its own?
a small bag of sorts

like a messenger bag

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Post your /fa/ bikes.

I just bought this 1988 Schwinn Sierra for $30, can't wait to ride it around campus.
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that's honestly no better than a shitty walmart bike that has been fucked up for 30 years
>it hurts to live: the bike
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is my bike /fa/?

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ITT: Discuss our respective fashions, learn about new ones, make some cool friends.

What are your latest gets? wants? Post your fits and coords!

Personally interested in seeing some low-key weeb fits, best of both worlds.
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cgl? more like cross-dressing general.
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cgl has male fashions too. pic related!

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post em
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review brah.jpg
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review brah inspo
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Looks like someone took the body and fashion sense of a slimy 60 year old business man and sewed a child's face onto it.

The only thing he's missing is a slightly protruding gut.
What the fuck is this?
newfags detected

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What are the best quality leather jackets you can get in the price range below 2,000 USD ?
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blackmeans my nig

if it's your first jacket tho don't go with their punk/distressed shit

Rick Owens or Belstaff.
MMM has some pretty solid distressed shit, don't slack on at least giving them a look

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hey guys

/streetwear/ just had another meetup, this time in ottawa
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The guy on the floor looks good.
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Streetwear is just clothes for children

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Why dress up a twink body. Why not get /fit/ first. Dressing up is for women. Lifting is more masculine. You're doing it all wrong. >>>/fit/ You're welcome
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Because Twinks are fucking great and most muscled guys are fucking gross? Higher chance of looking good as one as well.
You like the way twinks look. Women don't.
Ladies, would you rather have a man that is stronger/has more muscle than you, or a man that is more fashionable than you?
honestly would take a qt fashionable boy over a /fit/ redpiller any day.

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Which of you has actually bought a designer tee and how do you justify your purchase?
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I have a few rick tees because they work great with rick pants and i can afford it

basic tees like the one you posted are available much cheaper and you won't see a big difference
Yeah plenty. Why do I need to justify it?
p ridiculous paying so much for a plain tee shirt
>inb4 muh quality

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Hey /fa/, I live in Cedar Rapids and I'm moving to a different apartment. Does this place look effay?
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only if youre an american weakling
Hello fellow Iowan.

Pretty cookie-cutter looking, but not un/fa/ or super ugly.
Any /fa/ apartments that aren't hellishly expensive? Poorfag fresh out of HS.

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Can I wear these with shorts ? Also what do you think of them ?
I'm just about to order them. I'm not used to double monkstraps, I only have a brown pair to wear with my suit, I guess.
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aren't they gorgeous

I want to wear them like beige canvas sneakers for the summer, will that make me look like a dork ? What would you recommend ?
Btw I don't intend to look exuberant I just wanna be classy
do not fall into darkness

Need legit help
Don't fucking do it!

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I'm 18 and have been drinking and smoking a lot for the past 2 years. I'm 5'11 now. Most likely my growth has been stunted to some extent. Could I still grow a bit more if I stopped drinking and smoking?
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I've been smoking and drinking and sniffing and bombing shit since I was 14. Have been the same height ever since. SO yeah stop doing that shit now, wish I could go back a few years because I'd definitely be 6'4 by now.
I hope that there's still hope for me, although the chances are slim.
Anyone with similar experiences? I'm looking for motivation to quit.

Hey /fa/ let's get a men's/woman's 70/80s theme thread going
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Is that fucking Keemstar??

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Is shino the most effay character in any anime?
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we've been over this already

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hey, any experience with cheap monday? shit looks a little assosy sometimes, but i like their denim.
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In the end it's still owned by H&M. If you want nxtlevel H&M-owned basics try Weekday, if you are older than 22 and want something a bit nicer owned by H&M try COS.

Their denim is nice but their other stuff is kind of cringey tryhard edgy stuff. The sale prices are decent, but paying full retail for a shirt with a skull on it is dumb.
garbage fast fashion
it's trash. kill yourself for liking it.

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