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i want to buy some lingerie for myself; and i'm low on cash, so i'd like it to be cheap....i dont need it to last forever though, a year, maybe two, is just fine.


I mainly want panties, although one or two bra/panty sets would be nice
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r u a boi
never change effay
>i want to buy some lingerie for myself;
do men wear lingerie??

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pol dresscore.gif
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is this a good enough outfit for job interview?
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you really plan on wearing high heel white socks with that docksider?
can't tell if bait, 4/10 made me reply

Change shoes for oxfords of the same colour, get some black or grey socks and promptly hang yourself for even considering your original choices
Got the ane

Persuade me not to buy these bros, 6"2 built dude and I just can't tell if people only see these as girly shoes
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looks like a pie to be honest famalam
If by built you mean fat don't fucking cop!
Nevertheless they look cool desu senpai
Nono, closer to otter, I have long hair tho so I'm sensitive about how clothes are perceived gender wise, super masculine in the fishing town where I live and I've been called a girl under a couple guys' breath, just wondering if these would be seen as girly because they're creepers

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nudie grim tim salty stone.jpg
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I only ever wear long pants but it's fucking hot for the past few days. What to look for in shorts, as far as fit, color, brand etc?
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i just cut my old jeans
Get some joggers
Do you mostly wear denim? Chinos are lighter material, should breath better

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So what do rich people wear? w2c those rich people basics
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James Perse
Full Rick
I wonder what it's like to get 1.2 million notifications of people liking your status show up on the phone lockscreen.

Can hoodies ever be used tastefully in an outfit?
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this should go to fuccboi general

but i'm still interested
under a denim jacket
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69 - uiRyQ6j.jpg
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Who are the most /fa/ fictional characters?
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the whole fucking series is /fa/ af and i love it

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adidas makes me hard
don't say that again
wow a shit brand is going after another shit brand

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Is the perforated common project autstic? I can get it for 200$ less than the normal one.
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Looks bad imo just buy a pair used if u need for cheap
i have the black ones and they look a lot better than in the picture. but they were $14 so i honestly dont care either way.
just wait for a bloody sale or save up you cunt stupid questions like this trigger me to no avail. We have a fuccboi general and a cop or not for a reason.

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how long will it take to grow this from a buzzcut?
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>Officer Dickson immediately ran down to the cells located in the section to find Roof unclothed, tied to the frame of his bunk bed, with blood leaking from his backside and his undergarments covering his face.
>“After examining Roof, we have confirmed that he was sexually assaulted. His injuries are severe and his requires immediate surgery to repair his rectum. A marking was also left on his back that read “Black Owned” which appeared to have been carved into his skin,” according to Dr. Nicols of the prison.

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Is there such a thing as /viking/-core that isn't a huge meme? Modern viking thread.
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Nah. It's just that whenever I think "modern viking" I think of either a skinhead biker or a fat guy wearing lots of fur and cargo shorts. I wondered if there was maybe an actually fashionable style inspired by Vikings in that it is a feasible combination of utilitarian and fashionable. Almost /wilderness/-core but more shamanistic or pagan I guess. It's a weird fucking request.
I'm actually trying to go for the same hairstyle as Ragnar from Vikings. I'm keeping the sides of my head completely shaven and growing the top out long enough to braid.

Bleached shit thread
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What do you mean, anon?
File: BWCmk5X.jpg (929KB, 4128x3096px)Image search: [Google]
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Anything that's bleached
im interested, bump

i want to meet fashionable girls
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i can count on one hand the number of times i've seen girls posting here that aren't Forever 21 /soc/ sluts or clueless ugly nerds begging for advice

melissa/nao type girls pretty much don't exist on here. which is great because there's no competition for me ;3
you sound autistic as fuck. Graduate from high school before posting here
i've been here for 4 years and i'm in college lmao. link me a girl on this board, right now, that isn't dressing like complete garbage. i guarantee every one in waywt or face aesthetics is trash

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overall inspo? seriously considering pic related for work but now I'm thinking they might work in a sort of effay sense as well

bonus if you have thinspo in overalls
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File: eb62616b.jpg (96KB, 600x600px)Image search: [Google]
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He looks like a giant toddler, OP.
>thinspo in overalls
So you mean a malnourished man in toddler clothing? Holy fuck that would look goofy.

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What are you usually dressed in?
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Raf Owens
>J. Crew

kill me pls
Unrecover and adidas is usually what I'm dressed in

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