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/Bouletmaton/ general
Post yours
Pic is me
You can DL it on android, not sure about ios
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Fuck off to /soc/ with this stupid shit. It's worse than the "facial aesthetics" thread because it shows you're either underage or too insecure to post face there.

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w2c the coat?
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Its a generic overcoat , shouldn't be to hard to find something like it
this. but PB isn't buying some cheap overcoat, look to spend upwards of 2k on it

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What shoes do you wear during winter?
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id on this

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Audrey Crying.jpg
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Yesterday I saw a shirt with Audrey from Twin Peaks crying on it and I thought it looked amazing, but I can't find it now. So anyone got an idea where I can cop it or at least make my own?
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I cant help you at all but I just want to say that she is the most beautiful television character of all time.

this? i googled "twin peaks" "crying" "shirt" and it came up
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I know, right?

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why haven't you bought an adidas kimono, /fa/
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That's why
2000 is my reason

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What are some good CP alternatives around $100-$200? Where would one go about purchasing them? Could a female pull it off? Thanks!
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Tiger of Sweden
Also yes.
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Caleb's guide to white low tops (2016)

Best Achilles Low alternatives:
This is going to be the best in terms of 1:1 to cps. If you really want cps tho just save up and check grailed a lot.
http://svenssonshop.com/en/collection/classic-low-whitev (they also have gats)

Some other options:
http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/footwear/products/tennis-trainer-white-monochrome (they also have gats)

Stan Smiths obv, I would get navy or green, Court Vintage, Superstars, etc

Look on amazon fashion they have a ton of leather low top white fashion sneakers, heres a copuple examples

I would also consider retro reeboks to be pretty trendy atm, but honeslty idk which exact model so you decide.
Reebok Club C 85 Vintage Sneaker, Revenge Plus Vintage, Club C 85 Butter Soft Pack

For a more norm core approach you could also just get like nike sbs, white chucks, white old skools, air force ones, etc :)
Gook Tigers

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What are the origins of tucking in a dress shirt? Why is that the norm?
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Because it was pretty hard to wear your shirt untucked with your suspenders (braces). Belted pants are a relatively recent trend.
also it evens out your proportions and makes your legs look longer (given you're wearing the appropriate styles for tucking)
it makes your body look proportionate.

Is G-dragon the king of effay?
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so ahead of his time
No, he just has a good stylist
so wait, who's the genius behind all of this?

Are the new self-lacing nike's /fa/?
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yes, they are the vaporwave shoe, and since fashion always drags behind music a few years, they are in.
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>tfw don't have $720 to spend on running shoes
just watched a video, the light only goes on when you press the button, which fucking sucks in my opinion.

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How do I dress like an adult without looking fedora-core?
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dress like kid while you can
I'm old bro
Can't be a kid forever

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Why does everyone cuff their jeans? Do I have to follow this trend? Can we get some nocuff inspo here?
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Here's an easy rule to follow: if your pants are too long, you may want to consider hemming them, in the meantime cuffing is a viable option. Though with boots no cuffs at all looks better

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Is there any point to trying to be fashionable and care about what you wear of you're already ugly?
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Yes if you enjoy it.
ye, but don't overdo it, only crazy good looking people can wear crazy good looking clothes

also if your face is sort of brutish more formal clothes can balance your look

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What core is this?
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It would look ok at best on jacked alpha looking guy. This babyfaced wanker should kys.
he should kill me?
My daddy was a marine-core

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Are antiperspirants dangerous in any way?
I used to get this and liked it a lot but they stopped making it and I was wondering if it is not healthy to use one.
Not directly /fa/ but I think you will know more about it than other boards.
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Nothing to contribute but thinking of making the change from deodorant to antiperspirant so have a bump
Makes a big difference. Especially those stressful times when you sweat more and the deodorant doesn't work after a few hours.
Arm & Hammer has one for roughly $3. I switched to that after deodorant started giving me a rash :/

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Hello everyone.png
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I spent 40$ to cop this shirt and wear ironically. Bad investment?
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I would wear this unironically.
kek classic meme
would be better in black and white tho
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>Wear this shirt when I hang out with my friends
>As I get up, turn around
>They see the back of my shirt
>"A-anon... no..."
>Put on my jacket to cover up the back, but keep the front open
>mfw they know that I would never truly leave them, and that I am never truly gone

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