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>buying used shoes
>spending over $150 on a pair of shoes
>being retarded
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hey man fuk u i got stans for $9.50 used on ebay.
>buying cheap plastic/pig skin sweatshop garbage held together by glue that will fall apart in 2 years
wew lad
>being poor

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>baggy, unfit jeans from kohls
>meme shirt
>"cool" viking tats

>goofy style but casually played off quite well
>somewhat well put together outfit
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/fa/ is too lefty for any discussion of sam :(
Why does he keep getting away with it?
imagine if Sam stayed skinny, he'd look so odd.

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scottish fag.png
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I make dance wear and stipper clothing for a living and this year the club I cater the costumes for is doing Scotland. Now we need to make "sexy" Scottish oputfits for the club and the female manager, she laid claim to Merida from Brave, we might do a sexy stripper Merida too but that might put her in a bad standing between us and her. So what we have outfit wise in planning stage is
1 Lockness Monster
1 Sexy Merida
1 Sexy female Braveheart
1 Sexy female Highlander?
maybe a bear?
If they do the club gets pissy at us as if we told the girls there is no difference. So I'm totally up for crowd sourcing ideas. I need a shit ton for atleast 20 different ideas that doesn't include the 10 varying plaid outfits I will make at minimum.
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post ass
just go to my instagram page @darkcastleclothing
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I would say try to steal some slp shit and do raw hem with strings hanging, do bleached spot ones, and also some waxed spot jizzed stained ones. maybe some convincing distressing. this style of hat seems alright too

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I bought 5 different sweaters for Black Friday, and all but one have an absolutely awful "relaxed" fit that makes me look like a fat fuck.

What is up with sweaters and this terrible 90s-tier fit?

I'll take recommendations for thick (cable knit or similar) sweaters that don't fit like shit
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This is why you try clothes b4 buying them
Bought online. I'll return them, I'm just annoyed that I can't find a sweater that fits well
This isn't a thing youre just buying the wrong size dumbass

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Are yeezy 750's /fa/?
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WTF no
File: 1480377469146.gif (987KB, 229x176px)Image search: [Google]
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So sneaker generals are dope but there is going to be snow everywhere soon ITT we discuss waterproof or waterproofing footwear to keep our toes safe! What does /fa/ think about duck boots?
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*shucks lips*
File: ll_bean_boots.jpg (81KB, 640x501px)Image search: [Google]
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I like the original Bean ones better.

They are indeed waterproof.

File: 14_UNDERCOVER_GIZ_004.jpg (332KB, 1100x1464px)Image search: [Google]
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>cav empt
>white mountaineering
>number nine
>engineered garments

Is Japan the most /fa/ country
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100%. their culture and lifestyle encourages fashion trends.
yohji, CDG and junya are the only good ones there
you forgot sacai aswell
entry level jap brands my friend
thats where the real shit at

File: cotton.png (415KB, 348x638px)Image search: [Google]
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I bought a waxed cotton jacket, and after about a month of wear I've noticed that there is serious fading and splotches (see picture). I haven't worn this thing other than in light rain and haven't washed it at all.

Is this normal? Is there a way to darken the really faded spots?
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no this isn't normal. where did you buy that thing. If you got it somewhere expensive and you live in the US, even if you are past the return date policy I would return it and make a stink.
I once returned a north face jacket 2 years after I bought it
L.L. Bean, which is weird because they typically make a quality product.
It looks like a ballsack in the thumbnail

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Jackets and coats generals, post your daily or if you are thinking about copping or not
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Thinking about this with a mustard turtleneck sweater.
Just don't. These look good only on kids

This is better but you have to know how to pull his off otherwise you'll look like some kind of detective wannabe.
I think it would look good if the turtle neck is ribbed

File: csfgsdtb5.jpg (84KB, 1000x1334px)Image search: [Google]
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What's the story with Off White?
Does anyone here wear their stuff?
It looks like a japanese streetwear brand รก la undercover/cavempt.
In the other hand they charge Vetements prices for ordinary items ($1200 hoodie) but without the Vetements "we're fashion insurgents and we oversize everything" design.
They're stuff looks nice but I don't understand where it fits into the fashion landscape
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File: wewuzkangz.jpg (66KB, 1200x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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they fit in the grey area that exists between streetwear and high-end

most of their pieces suck but there are a few good pieces in their collections, like pic related
I would have never known that piece was from the brand since it's missing the diagonal pedestrian crossing markings the rest of their stuff has.
yeah... unfortunately the back ruins it

the pockets aren't bad, it's just the logo, but to be fair it isn't the huge stripes that cover the entire back like there usually are

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Hey /fa/ how big is your wardrobe? I'm currently sitting on 5 pants I rotate, 4 long sleeve shirts, and 4 t shirts i rotate plus a hoodie. I know I don't have a big wardrobe but I'm ready to spend like $250 on clothes this weekend. I just want to know how many pants / shirts i should own
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you can get maybe half a shirt with that
I'm /fit/ so I can just wear like $10 t-shirts and look good
>he believes this

being /fit/ or /fa/ doesnt mean shit if you're /ugly/

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What are /fa/ video games/characters?
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File: e1mkjvln41scq3puq4r5.jpg (63KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 2809471-6499373576-final.png (1MB, 974x1161px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 974x1161px

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What is the deal burgers? I'm Australian and shop online a bit and here are my experiences:

Buying from the UK:

>Ships immediately, have it within a few days, 1 week max
>Shipping is either free or fairly cheap (<20AUD)

Buying from the US:

>Takes a week to even leave the store
>Goes through just about every state in the country, gets scanned for security every 5 minutes
>Sits at LAX for 2 weeks for no reason
>Shipping costs upwards of 50USD
>Total average time from order placement to it being in my hand is almost a month

Anybody else experience this? Post shipping fuckaround stories
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File: tfw.jpg (208KB, 899x650px)Image search: [Google]
208KB, 899x650px

Buying in the US:

>free shipping, usually even from the EU
>no sales tax or VAT
>expedited 2-4 day shipping complimentary
>arrives early
>delivered on Saturday and Sunday
>they price match if it goes on sale within 2 weeks-1 month
>confused what is arriving because it is coming so early
>mailman hand delivers small packages to door instead of stuffing them in mailbox

spoiled as fuck to be honest mate
I experience that when I get packages from Australia and sellers always hit me up for extra money cuz they underestimate shipping costs
Th USA is a third-world country. They can't help having shitty infrastructure.

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I have an admission. I quite like shoes such as the ones shown. Thing is, I am a dude. Can a guy pull them off?
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por que no?

File: 1477939318_10-31_athletic.png (214KB, 586x231px)Image search: [Google]
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What's wrong with Nike? I haven't heard much about since the flyknit hype.
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Athletic trade is such a vague term
Let's talk about shoe sales....Nike has 10x the market share of the #2 company
It's not even debatable....Nike reigns supreme and it'll get even bigger when they take over the NBA sponsorship next year
But what about the sneakers? Have they released any game changers like roshes? All I hear is adidas in here, reddit and social media. Sometimes jordans
Yeah but that's because of fucking marketing. You think there aren't Adidas employees going on message boards to hype up new releases? Why would the board be silent about yeezy drops or anything related to nmds except on fucking launch day
Think critically, man. It's just clever advertising disguised as friendly conversation

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