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I've seen a lot of posts about what you all fucking loathe about a girl.
What is your ideal girl, in this case? What does she care about? What doesn't she care for? What does she look like? What does her smile look like?
What makes you fall in love with her after the first night of talking to her?

And this goes past tits and ass, which are important details, but what is your ideal, genuine female?

Post effay girls, too, while you're at it.

Pic related is of girl I'm in love with.
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The only girl I know is my mom
Is she effay?

Forest-y clothing thread.
Post inspo etc.

A manly man living in a cold country in a house in the forest here, not a hipster.
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>A manly man living in a cold country in a house in the forest here, not a hipster.
Then why did you post a guy wearing a wool overcoat and trousers?
Mirin the hat
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Prep general
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i could never pull off the prep...

im just not man enough
Post yourself
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Is long hair effay? Especially wavy/curly long hair, i am thinking about letting mine free from the trimmer.
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In sand/beige ?
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fuck off with streatwear

fuck thats disgusting

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Are Satanists effay?
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Does that guy have a glass eye or something?
The philosophy is
The fact that they try extra hard to be edgy just to have attention isn't

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How do i look effay at a funeral?
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you don't, you dress like everyone else and pay your respek to the dead

how much of a fucking loser are you that you still need attention at a fucking funeral
Respek the dress code man
can this board be any worse?

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is drug abuse /fa/? currently puking my brains out on 200mg codeine
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When I had my addy script I enjoyed binge 'medicating' on those a lot. I'd take 120mgs and go workout or look up and read random shit online. Aside from that never really fucked with drugs except evil gateway drug marijuana.
no, are you dumb?

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Thoughts on outdoor apparel companies and their popularity/relevance to fashion?

Outdoor wear from brands like Patagonia and Northface are super common to see around my campus. It's common on people that don't really look like they go outdoors much - like they're trying to buy into the character trait of being outdoorsy.

Things like rustic looking flannels, down jackets, fleeces, hiking boots sometimes, down vests, etc.

Sometimes it looks really bad, but often it looks good to me and I'm not sure if I've just gotten so used to seeing puffy down jackets and fleeces that I like them now.

>Pic related
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File: feels_college.jpg (380KB, 1087x600px)Image search: [Google]
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Patagonia jackets are nice sometimes, but they look better on girls.
I know so many frat douche type guys that wear nothing but Patagonia long sleeve tees and hats and so they've kind of ruined it for me.
Basically, they're the type of people to go camping/hiking so that they can take pics of themselves in their overpriced Eno hammocks rather than to actually enjoy being outdoors.

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When your huge ass quads tear your selvedge
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No, the jeans are just shit. Jeans were made for labor workers, so how can your 'huge quads' tear them?
patch em up huck
This, also your fat ass thighs rub together there and weaken the fabric there

File: lmaoclownshoes.jpg (154KB, 540x675px)Image search: [Google]
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Someone got the balls to post a fit of these faggot clown shoes finally
check out how huge they are hahaha
as warned by everyone before the drop they are have the proportions of a chicks ugg boots and are way too high for a man

post other cringe fits of these pieces of shit
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nothing i just think its funny retards are paying $500 for these shitty clown shoes
notice the guy's pose to try and make them look smaller and never a side on shot
also his fit is tryhard af wannabe soldier but thats another story...
fuck that is bad and lmao at the fucking buckle strap on his cap

File: Vegeta-is-a-terrrible-bad-man.jpg (24KB, 500x375px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw Vegeta hairline
Should I just shave it off?
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It really depends on your facial structure, wether you are balding or if your hairline is naturally like Eddie Munster's, how thick your hair is and it's kind, is it straight, wavy, curly? How much?

Give more info senpai
Pic or gtfo

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where does a poorfag like me find clothes that don't look like shit?
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just thrift cool shit, stop being a bitch about it
The only answer. You could also make clothes or modify old ones, I guess.
Modified clothes are tricky, making is more so. I recommend save for solid basics. Once you have a whole slew of good basics everything past that is great. Sure a certain brand will make a Jean that's well cut but realistically I've received more complements on my bargain big stuff than any of my designer shit. It's all about making the outfit good, not the cost

File: image.jpg (144KB, 640x1136px)Image search: [Google]
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Any tips on looking proper as a short and thick dude with feminine features? I feel silly in about any piece of clothing ever. What sort of jeans do I get, coats?, slim or relaxfit tshirts?
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nice ass anon
just become a woman already
Lol, thanks, its huge

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/MetalCore/ General

Are leather jackboots /fa/? edition
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Previous threads
Jean jacket master race reporting in
File: bsi_slay262.gif (41KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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It is impossible to dress like a metalhead from the 80's without looking like a faggot

The best metalcore is a black t shirt with a simple album art of your choice

pic related is perfect

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