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If you're a girl and wear these, you need to kill yourself.
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Should they kill themselves while wearing them?
>confirmed for homosex
Also what if it's assisted suicide and both the assistant and suicidee are wearing them

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Why do women wear bras?
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so their tits don't fall off
You ever notice how women in African tribes all have saggy tits?
That's why we men need women to wear bras.
>we men
not to sound like too much of a nitpicking feminist but speak for urself

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what does /fa/ think of these?
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they're shite mate.
Snowden, That you?
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glasses inspo?

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vintage military.jpg
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where can I find vintage military chic/ Inspo
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vint military.png
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THis scarf
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milt vint.jpg
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This jacket
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More like this
Also, what core/wave is this?
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deadset so fucking messy with the untucked shirt

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You know what time it is, Tumblr time
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>art, fashion, and graphic design
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>cute stuff
>random shit

Boots to go with chinos / work
I dress business causal for work, looking for some boots. Currently I'm wearing clark dessert boots but not much of a fan as they squeak when I walk. My guts saying to buy red wings iron rangers.. anyone suggest other pairs? looking to spend 300 max
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cop some nice chellseas
Iron rangers or chippewas imo.
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these are a tad too americana workwear for my taste, maybe settle for dress boots or like >>12009373 said, chelseas.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the official 2017 basic bitch haircut:
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I guess it makes me basic bitch but I actually love this hairstyle on the right person.
Everything about that album cover is so annoyingly pretentious. FUCK it makes me livid.
That haircut is shit.
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Fine by me
I love basics and basics love me

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Fresh from MFA edition
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jonah hill?

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Can curvy girls be /fa/
Not fat
But girls with big boobs and wide hips and big asses???
It seems like you have to be waifish
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no fat girls are disgusting
Are you confused? I said tits, hips and ass??
you have to show us how curvy for us to be able to tell

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Do you shower at morning or at night?

Why is night showering objectively so much better?
>wash off accumulated filth of day, sleep clean in clean bed
>cuts down time needed to prepare in morning
>can accommodate almost any schedule, unlike morning shower heathens who still end up showering twice anyways
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>can accommodate almost any schedule, unlike morning shower heathens who still end up showering twice anyways
also I shower in the morning because I'm not a faggot who cant wake up an hour or two early
Morning shower
If you work out after work or class, do you really just work up a sweat and fucking sleep in your own filth? Even if you don't, you're still sleeping in your own filth.

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Daily reminder that you faggots will never be effay. Because you know what is the most effay thing in the world? Confidence. And you will never have that. You ask what water is the best, you decide what to buy on a reject's opinion, you even ask others how to act in certain situations in order to be cool. You've gone way too far to ever become effay and all you had left is to pretend that being different in an edgy way is better than being a functional human.
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File: 195873872.jpg (454KB, 1691x1123px)Image search: [Google]
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>check this out, anon is projecting again !
>All this projecting

Are you aware that "being effay" is total satire, correct?

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fell for the buzzcut meme at age 10. never looked back. shaved head is the most godlike hairstyle of all time.

prove me wrong.

protip: you can't
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>girls can't comb through luscious locks of your hair
>guys can't comb through luscious locks of your hair
>being one step before bald??
>not white supremacist
All the gods have long flowing hair

Even caesar , although not long, had short hair curls
My gf likes to play with my hair. I have a longer version of a young leo.

File: WIN_20161128_16_09_17_Pro.jpg (44KB, 640x360px)Image search: [Google]
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what haircut should i ask for /fa/?

also should i trim my beard or let it grow
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>it is not yet known if the shooter had any connection with the Islamic State
Im Mexican
sup castro

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yung meme.jpg
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>zip ties
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good thread
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>having normal shoes
>not wanting to be ecco2k
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