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any alternatives to the supreme floral trousers?
pic related

also trouser general
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Yeah, alternatively you could buy pants that won't make you look fucking retarded

wow i never really thought about it that way thanks for your insight
buy cheap baggy joggers and tuck it in ur socks. instead of being a wannabe fag that buys overpriced supreme shit

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So which memes did you fell for?
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Buzzcut is not a meme if you've had it on and off your whole life. Socialism will never be an effay meme because it doesn't fit with $1000 sneakers.
fashion is not only $1000 sneakers, socialism fits perfectly with thriftcore for example.
these options are horrible. at least you have terrorwave

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What does /fa/ think of Deadsesh?
I copped these beauties around 5 days ago, don't have them yey, but what would they go good with? Would they go good with ultra high af1s, or high top vans?
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They would look best with a noose. No stop shilling this brand nigger.
the music is good the merch is trash.
maybe wear it with a long coat so no one can see the pocket logo

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Does being /fa/ make up for being Indian?
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Just kill yourself and hope to be reborn in a normal human state
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>Indians believe in reincarnation
>Surprisingly not all of them kill themselves to be reborn as literally anything else

I'll never understand this
grossest people in the world

What do /fa/ think about these?
Any other suggestions under 100$ winter sneakers for heavy snow region?
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I have them, god-tier comfort and super light
They seem pretty weatherproof too (I live in Northern England) but the soles don't have too much traction on slippery surfaces. still rec tho
What are they?
nike duckboots

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Where can I find good quality shirts?
similar to this, and even short sleeved.
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literally any brand that sells good quality clothes
which brand are those? I know nothing when it comes to these shirts
read the damn sticky

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What is a good hair style for a mexican guy? Dont wanna do anything thay involves any form of spikes or shaving it low to "line it up" have a full head of hair no balding, really dark brown almost black in color hair, pic is obviously unrelated
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No fades
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A velour Adidas track suit to wear around casually with some leather loafers. I'm kinda overweight but, then again, I could ascend to the echelons of people who wear track suits and dont work out. Is it worth it?
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You're overweight and not a poverty-stricken Slav.

What if it's just the jacket then? I love the feel of velour. I reminds me of my grandma's car seats.
Just get a velour bathrobe if you like the feeling so much.

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Dear /fa/,

What pants should I wear with medium grey blazer?
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fucking anything?
Does everything work with a grey blazer? I have to go to a marriage reception. Will navy work or should I stick with shades if grey?
Fix your hair first, anon.

Last one hit 300.

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r-r8 me ? :3
Casual clown
p. good
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I'm trying to look good, but not try hard or cringe. Like a toned down version of ivy league core

Shoes to big desu

File: 20161118_070216.jpg (112KB, 1280x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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r8 me
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Looks gnarly, dude!
you should work at hot topic
Tattoos can be cool, but yours aren't. It's fine if you like them but they are not /fa/

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Comment your Starting weight: SW, Current weight: CW, and Goal weight: GW. Feel free to share tips or your opinions. This thread can trigger ana.
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Also feel free to post thinspo pics <3
5 feet even
sw: 132 and 110
cw: 99
lw: 82
gw: 72
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W2c some good merino/cashmere turtlenecks for a decent price. I went on uniqlo to get some but they sold out quick af and J Crew has a huge sale on their whole website but they only have two colors. I looked at Zara and wasn't very pleased. Someone help me out and give me some brands.
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File: pants f.jpg (1019KB, 1432x2252px)Image search: [Google]
pants f.jpg
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w2c vintage windbreaker?? Also w2c jeans
File: 13569455971553.jpg (309KB, 1422x1866px)Image search: [Google]
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W2c this entire outfit, can i get id on boots and jacket mainly
w2c this jacket or mustard/tan colored jacket that is similar?? pls help

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Post your favourite sneakers or sneakers you wanna cop and rate others!
I'll start with some i wanna cop, but idk about the size/quality and they are hard af to find
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File: STNSMTHGTX.jpg (733KB, 1801x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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i feel you, can't seem to find my number for those
how are those supposed to be sneakers

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These are usually pretty comfy.
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