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kind of want to cop this but the chinese shit on the sleeve is telling me no
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but where to cop?
found it https://www.etsy.com/listing/192573513/aphex-twin-selected-ambient-works-long
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yeah, the foreign text kind of ruins it, but it's a nice design and Canvas brand shirts are comfy as fuck.

someone is selling this vintage Kate Bush shirt for fucking $780. I think i'm gonna try to rip and restore the design from it and print it myself.

other one is straight up dead edition

post inspo, advice, and ask questions
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which of these four options looks best on me? they're all essentially the same cut at different lengths. I'm partial to 4 but my friends think the middle part is a little suspect (even if it is natural).

If none of these look good I might do something else entirely. any advice other than lose weight?
third one looks best
also in the last year were you together with a twenty-ish year old ginger sometime?
thanks for the input, is it the because of the more "normal" part?

I am 20 but no dice on the ginger. hardly any out in NY honestly. I was and am with a short-haired blonde though

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Did body training for 2 yrs
S is still fitting me, but my broad back is now fucking me over for almost everything from H&M, ZARA. What now? I really like clothes tho..
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I stay here forever.png
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H&M and Zara are shit, invest in actual quality clothes
No turning back OP, time to start juicing for McDonald's fast gains.
Waist is still 29-32 :-(

W2C thread?

where to cop this mesh tank? I've been looking for a while, anyone got the ID?
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the trash
File: chrome_2016-12-02_22-05-21.png (592KB, 569x708px)Image search: [Google]
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this adidas beanie
Junkie eyes

Pretty into stick and pokes, and I'm thinking about tattooing the words "kiss me" above my right knee cap is that effy or to effeminate.

Pick related is my me ignore shit fit I didn't want to get paint on my clothes
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this board is fucking awful
buy stan smiths or svenssons and wear em with no show socks and this outfit will look a 100x betetr
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Normal fits are a little better

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Have any of you guys considered just selling all your clothes, starting from scratch with cheap but quality basics and using the leftover money to travel and live a minimalist lifestyle? My wardrobe is kind of expensive I guess but I'm ugly and the clothes don't fix that and my shit personality so what's the point?
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do it
Clothes are never worth reselling if they still fit and look good because they depreciate like crazy. You'll get pennies on the dollar. But I am totally in favor of traveling and living a minimalist lifestyle.
? I've always made a profit selling clothes

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What kind of products do you have to use in order to get hair like this? Not talking gel/clay cause that would make your hair look greasy, as this doesnt.
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most likely none. definitely just a blow-dry and at most a straightener.
maybe light hairspray but it looks like normal super straight oriental hair
ArenĀ“t you supposed to use some hair product on your dampened hair before blow-drying it? and also any hairspry recommendations that would do the trick?

File: 1480713370001.jpg (109KB, 900x900px)Image search: [Google]
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how does he get his hair like that
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His wife's son's mom's boyfriend's semen.
Luck of the Irish
his lips are so chapped they make me cringe

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Okay, /fa/, so I look like a somewhat less handsome version of this guy. Hair looks identical, though mine is about 2 inches longer (but it is styled and flows the same). I have Warby Parker Otis glasses, so a little bit thinner frames and a little more round. I cannot grow good facial hair. He has a little more pronounced jaw line than I do. But for all intents and purposes, if this guy had no beard we would look very similar.

My question is: should I buzz? I want a shorter haircut, but am undecided on if I should leave it flowy (essentially just cut 4 or so inches off) or go full buzz.
I'm worried that my glasses and a buzz (in addition to wearing mostly black) will have me looking like a techno guy. Another concern is that with the absence of hair framing my face, my glasses may appear too big (wide) for me. What do you think?
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Do you have a good hairline?
If yes
Buzzing is ok
File: 20161202_175701.jpg (1MB, 2592x1944px)Image search: [Google]
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My hairline.
I look like a more handsome version of Ryan Gosling, would a buzzcut suit me?

File: rateme.png (690KB, 915x504px)Image search: [Google]
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Tell me what i'm doing wrong, where i could improve, what i should wear with this etc

I would also like to know what kind of outdoor jacket would look good with that, and what colours would look good with me. (I'm very pale, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes).

pls be nice
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File: maxresdefault.jpg (38KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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you should definitely wear a good Fedora with all that my good sir
you seems like alright dude, but nothing like hes got style and shiiet
blue jeans with brown boots look horrible.
get grey jeans to go with it, and sweater is some aliexpress tier, look into carhartt, ll bean,
acne norse projects if willing to pay more.
The boots match the jeans but not the sweatshirt.

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Golf 3.png
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Why don't people wear hats anymore? Besides beanies and baseball caps of course.
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because swag is for men and class is for boys
Most people who care about fashion are young and dress casual. Show me a hat made in the last 10 years that isn't a fedora or a cowboy hat. Beanies and baseball caps are pretty versatile and work well with casual outfits.
because they're unfashionable. besides beanies and baseball caps of course.

I can't seem to find fishtail parkas with fur hoods. Any shops that sell these at decent prices in europe?
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there's probs a w2c somewhere here. ask in that thread next time.

Also Asos
Dude hope lmao

can we get a thread for men who's balls dropped
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>for men who is balls dropped
>le beard

here's your (you)
Why are you posting the ultimate hair + beard fuckboy combo then
The beard has ultimately being fucked of it's manly status by nu-males.

File: IMG_20161202_182235.jpg (487KB, 1456x2592px)Image search: [Google]
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So far yes...
100% delet this
it doesn't look that bad desu

Opinions on these memes?
Does anyone own the all leather version (right) and is it harder to maintain?
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Can you actually wear those without going techwear? Have no idea which brands would work with them.
banana shoes
own the all blue ones, because i got them cheap af.
so fucking comfy, worn them a few times but would never pay retail because they're pretty meme

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