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Am I the only one who thinks that the idea of hair "cuts" and "styles" is fucking stupid? It's literally just hair coming of your head. You don't get chest haircuts, you don't style your pubic hair with hairwax, how is the hair on your head any different? All complicated haircuts look ridiculous. Simple, short and easy haircuts are the best and don't look stupid.
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but what if I'm wearing full rick
So, you're saying you get your hair cut into a short style? How is that different from someone who gets a different style? What you're really saying is, 'I prefer getting my hair cut in this specific way to achieve this specific style'. This post is as stupid as Americans who don't think they have an accent.

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Old boots thread has capped.

Post your boots related inquiries and pics here.

Let's contain all those dumb boots question threads to one thread.

Just copped these desu~
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Copped - just waiting for them to come in the mail and hoping that they fit right

>I fucking hate buying shoes / boots online
I want nice, laced brown semi-medium boots. Are those a thing?
>shoes / boots
booutta blow ur mind guy:

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Dump all ur Elias pics here ^^
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okay then
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Is depression /fa/?
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Depression isn't a real thing, it's your negative attitude that's holding you back

To be fucking honest, Depression isn't shit unless you've fallen into fucking love with a bitch that fucked you over.

That's real pain, depression is such a fucking gimmick but love is seriously the worst drug especially if you don't fall in love easily

Bro that pain hurts initially but I had to come up from it and strengthen myself
cuck's remorse

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this board consists of: spooks
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>dude i posted a stirner meme anyway who disagrees with me is a spook, i don't have an actual arguement anyway lol XD spooks

Name one thing that isn't a spook
you c:
calm down angry boy

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They are fucking ugly when on foot though, it's kinad obvious from these pics as well as the material has almost no structure and nylon is shit tier sneaker material anyway.
Get raf/nike vandals if you want something that's similar but looks good.
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they have them in singapore now, guessing it's limited to some markets only
looks like garbage
/fa/ hypes uniqlo almost as hard as highsnobiety to bape lmao

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yea dude
i like em
yea stupid theyre memes

Does anybody know where to cop this shirt? I can't find anything about it and it's dope as hell. I need it.
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I know it's gogo from kill bill but that's it
shirt is hard, I need it
I just made a redbubble mockup becuase I was bored as hell. Collars and sleeves are different shade of black but it's as good as I can get.

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>tfw anorexic (98 pounds)
>tfw too poor for rick owens
What in the fuck do I wear /fa/? Please help
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adidas tracksuit and only that lol
anon plz
more than one set obviously

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are new balances dadcore?

I cant shake this feeling that when I'm wearing them that I'm a pickup truck wearing yank dad with a respectable carpentry company

kill me
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this is the model I own, copped them for 20 quid off gumtree, did I do good or do they look shit?
Absolutely dadcore. Especially if they're originally white but misshapen and stained grey from lack of care and cleaning.
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you have officially ruined new balances for me

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Are these /fa?
How would one pull them off?
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>How would one pull them off?

Have you tried a suit? The shoe looks nice, I personally don't like the holes though.
What about pairing them with jeans? Here's an example I found
to be nitpicking, the broguing is not consequent. The toecapsshould have brogues as well.

Also the OP is a Derby, while >>12012458 is a blutcher. It's not the same. Read the sticky and learn about dress shoes.

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Completely fashion illiterate fag here. I literally just wear simple T-shirts, regular jeans and joggers. Is there some cookie cutter entry level /fa/ getup or something that I can start with so I don't look like such a dork?
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Light blue jeans, oxford shirts, black chinos, khakis, basic sneakers, basic socks and a belt.
if you look odd in jeans and a t shirt it's because of you're body language, no confidence etc

don't start dressing like the average person here you'll only end up worse
Lmao what are you a retard? Lurk and make up your own fit. Its what makes you, you desu. Seriously tho, y copy what others do. Shits gay

How bad are Gildan and Tultex shirts? I want to buy some band merch but they only print on these brands, which I've heard are sub-par.
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regular Gildan shirts are boxy and kind of stiff. no idea about Tultex. printing on cheap shirts like that keeps production costs down, but it's at the expense of having a mediocre product.

I wish more bands would print on stuff like American Apparel or Canvas.
Is AA considered high quality? I thought they went bankrupt though?
they're soft and have a slimmer fit. I heard about the bankruptcy thing but I have no idea. they're still around.

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ITT: effay instruments
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stephen pepe.jpg
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>kys faggot
whats an effay 'instrument' to you? an akai mpk mini?
who are you quoting?

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Need your help /fa/.

How does a thin male (5'9, 120lbs) dress more androgynously/feminine without looking too weird/tryhard about it? Brands, styles, pictures all appreciated.
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Just stop being a bitch and dress the way you want.
I live in a small-ish town in conservative heaven, I'd love to but it wouldn't fly. Hoping to get out in the coming future.
oversized sweaters
skinny jeans/pants
black combat boots
tuck pants into boots

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