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who makes the best quality/cut of jeans? best bang for your buck?

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Sure as hell not whoever made those abominations.
You missed the boat, Levi's had a 40% off sale and getting their jeans for $40 is a steal
Where do the femanons buy their jeans?

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Where do you find your fashion magazine scans?
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kek found it in 5 min via google. but thx for the idea


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lets go !
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discounts for the /fa/ family
would you trade those triple whites for rick tech runners 7/10?

Why do guys only seem to like plain Jane/ ordinary basic looking females?
>tfw fucked myself over by getting tattoos and peircings
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depends where and what they are. post pics
If youre not ugly af then get tumblr or twitter and hoe yourself out like all the other alternative grills
The only social medias I have are Instagram and Facebook

You are in Japan and you need a new wardrobe, Socks, underwear, all... what would you buy?
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would buy like 4k worth of clothes
>only 4k
you really aren't /fa/ are you
>You have 4k budget to build a new wardrobe, what would you do?
wonder why my usual budget has been more than halved

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>go to work party
>girl i banged is there with another guy (can't get it in)
>tells me my ex is dating her boring ass ex
>text another work QT i banged & burned the bridge with
>no reply
>lay in my car for an hour trying to shake off drunk
>drive home
>slp boots
>been sitting in package for 4 days
>too scared to try them on
>sized down one full size to prevent clown look
>cut open box
>pull them on
>fit better than any leather shoe i ever has had
>i am at the river
>i be complete

bitches can't keep you down edition ;)
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seem like you're the bitch :^) desu
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banged more hot babes this year than you will in your entire life i suspect
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>tfw can never escalate friendships with girls into relationships

I just can't touch girls without feeling creepy or tell them how I feel without stuttering. It's a horribly lonely life. I'm seeing a friend this weekend who I want to make a move on but I'm literally clueless as to how.

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Thoughts on Fuiyue shoes as another alternative for white low top sneakers?
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I have a feeling that they'll be popular, so better buy it now so that when it's popular, everyone can remember you as 'the guy who wore it first'
im apart of jow ga kung fu lion dance team and our team shoes are fuiyues, it just never came to mind about wearing them aesthetically other than for lion dancing.
I know you think you are effay by doing that...but you should keep doing tiger dancing or what ever the fuck that is a secret senpai...

What fa think about purple suit?
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Pretty good if you can pull it off
lmao at image size

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go on
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where is uncolored original?
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here you go

Just cop pic related. Comfy af. Made in slovakia.
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Shit. This was suppose to be WAYWT: FEET EDITION thread
come across them before but never owned a pair
how's the quality?
what's the manufacturing process like?
vulcanized, I assume?
Yeap. Quality wise is about on par with chucks, if not better.

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>be me
>thin waist
>comically fat ass and wide birthin' hips
>every single fucking thing I buy is way too tight around my ass, and consequently is way too tight on my crotch
>Nuts are constantly uncomfortable

It isn't even that I buy tight slim fitted clothes; this is a problem that I have in Wal-Mart loose/relaxed fit jeans

Even boxer briefs are uncomfortable as hell because the right waist size is way too tight on my ass and package

Send help
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Better just wear skirts cutie :3
You know what must be done.
post yourself anon
you know you'll do it eventually
get it over with

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m/22 straight

I'm half a click from pulling the trigger on these britches.

Talk me out of it /fa/gs. I dare you.
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You will look like a massive fag and get bullied if you ever wear them in public

I want to let you buy them just to realize you've made a mistake
That era of fashion had some neat ideas but terrible execution

>get bullied

you must be 18 years of age in order to post on 4chan

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Herschel, Fjallraven, or Topo Designs?
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Backpacks make you look like a child/student/dad/hiker. I don't care what the sticky says, messenger bags are still effay.
Herschel, but not that one.

are masks effay?
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no, but they certainly are retarded
Korean mask
File: IMG_20161130_163324.jpg (58KB, 740x740px)Image search: [Google]
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plastic surgery disfigurement hiding mask

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cop or not thread

which one is best/least fuccboyish?
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im interested in grabbing some stuff from agora too , im looking into the dad hats and hoodies but the red windbreaker are nice, jap shit can be cringy is over done (for example go look at the coach jackets)
yeah was thinking either russia or reflective, but russia might be a bit risky in the uk over what happened over the summer
get the Mt. Fuji if your Asian or atleast have that kind of style, if not get the reflective

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