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Just me, myself, and I watching Chronos Rulers.
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Goddess oppai
I like watching disasters my fellow of African descent
There's nothing to talk about unless it's a Rie episode.

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When will Hotaru stop pranking Yuma like this?
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Which one is the trap?
idk but the show is cringe as fuck and I hate it but drawings so good
There is none.

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>let's take rem and make her a trap
Top Ten Anime Betrayals
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came into this thread to laugh at you, lurk a week and learn how to make one before posting again pleb.
>a week
a year

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Could an anime adaption of pic related work?
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No, because I'd be too scared to watch it.
Anime still sucks at horror.
Only for the orgy scene

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It looks like Rin has caught a fever! What do you do?!
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Take it out back and put it down.
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Does she have a tail?
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throw it in the trash

I'll start.
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Your life.
how was the ending of dragon maid disappointing
I came and saw, nothing in life with worth anything now

>there are still people that dont believe that Joseph is the best JoJo.
let that sink in.
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This is objective fact.
>Jonathan the last
Time to leave

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>they never even kiss once

What the FUCK is this blueballing
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>expecting every couple in romance to kiss
thats not how it works in rl
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>romantic couples in real life don't kiss
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i know your feel bro

Holy Shit! A Saint Seiya rema-

>netflix original, with english screenwriters


>3d CGI instead of 2d animation

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You forgot:
Toei animation.
>3d CGI

lol dropped
it has never and will never look good
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There's always Saintia Sho to look forward to instead.

Reminder that S2 is coming
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My dick in particular can't wait.
hey bae nice tits

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"What are you thinking right now, Anon?"
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Would Imperial Germany have been more successful in the Great War had they adopted a Russia-first strategy and play defense on the Western Front, rather than invading Belgium?
Are your nipples all pointy from your kid trying to find milk there?

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Why didn't Light kill everyone that had knowledge of the Death Note after killing L? He signed his own death warrant.
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In-universe answer: He got cocky and careless.
Meta-answer: The bad writing was turning against him.
>Hmm, why did every member of the Kira Investigation Unit die of a heart attack except this one guy?
>Who knows lol
Light was smart enough to come up with a ruse creating a scenario where he "dies" of a heart attack.

L was too. Death Note sucked.

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Last thread got erased because I put the link to the kickstarter. So this time, let's talk about it without the link.

Also, a message for th retarded mods: you can't even support the kickstarter anymore, it ended. So how was the last thread an ad? You retarded fucks.

Also, does Rin have a flabby butt or not? Some people seem to think that a loli can have a flabby bum (pic related).

So, did you support the kickstarter for KnJ?

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Not anime.
It's a manga you dumb fuck
feels like ive seen this thread before

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Do I like it?
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Do you?
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But I do like it.

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so... consensus is she loved it, right?
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>not brown
>white Casca

Uhh...wtf haha
She loved it so much she couldn't get him off her mind even years later.

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