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Onii-sama vs Retard.

If you like Kirito you're an imbecil.
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They both suck
Is it wrong I hate both of them?

Tatsuya for his ironic cult and Kirito for being LN flaws incarnate that made money

Abridged!Kirito>>>>>>>>those two

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okay, but what kind of chex does she want?
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mating chess
I want to know where you got this!

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Why haven't I seen any gintma threads on /a/ yet? I've watched it up to episode 99 as of right now.
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Probably because you don't lurk.


still don't find any, everytime I get on /a/
You haven't lurked enough, and prolly don't use Catalog with color-filters either.
We've had a number of them in the past month or so alone. In fact, we had a THREE DAYS long Gintama thread last month!

However, as the anime's on a break until next fall, there's less threads around. Manga-fags do have their "Gintama spoilers" thread once in a while tho.

what is this, 2004?

Anyway, glad you seem to like it. I started it myself just last year, after first getting turned off by the first two (filler) eps something like a decade ago. Nowadays, it's one of my favorite long-running series.

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Who is this cute girl?
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rider of black
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Sieg's girlfriend
Do we really need this thread everyday?

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Golden Time aired roughly 4 years ago.
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I still remember the ghost bullshit like it was yesterday.
This would have been such a great show without the ghost bullshit.

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So, this is the thing, Chapter 30, isn't a master piece, I used the shitty translation of the spanish version. I think it ended good, but you decide that.


>English version
>Spanish version
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Kif you say so
i love the yandere rabbit
whenever I see the killer rabbit in illustrations, I can only think of monty python.

>it will never come out
>one punch man overshadowed it

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Its kinda stupid to assume a popular show wont get a sequel and opm does overshadow Mp100.
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dumb mob poster

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Who will win the joker bowl?
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Realistically, none of them. They'll tease a romance between each girl a bit, never follow through with it, then Joker will somehow get beaten up on Valentine's Day anyway. Even with her massive popularity, I don't see them risking a canon romance with Makoto.
Might be good, but P5 is my least favorite cast and A-1 is shit, so we'll see.
They won't be risking one, period. Naoto didn't get shit, neither did Aigis.

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What did Griffith mean by this? What was he trying to achieve in this scene?
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He's not talking about the book.
What's he talking about?

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ITT: 11/10 Character Designs
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Girls with long hair look best with long hair. Girls with short hair look best with short hair. A character's hair is designed to compliment the rest of their design, so the original length is always superior. If you need to use the "meaningful hair cut"/"letting her hair down" cliche to show character development, you're a fucking hack.
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A character's hair is designed to compliment the rest of their design, so the original length is always superi--
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Agreed, Satsuki was best with long hair.
For what it's worth, I'm not much a fan of short hair Akane, but it really helps distinguish her design from the other girls.

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unnamed (1).png
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Why do you keep making this thread everyday? Not that I'm complaining
What are you talking about?
Hi moot

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Why does /a/ hate Light but love Lelouch?
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Because Lelouch didn't think of himself as a God, he knew his actions were fucked up
One wins at the end and is portrayed as a tragic fallen hero. The other loses at the end and is portrayed as a broken psychopath.

I personally will always like Light more though, simply because the show, or at least for the first 26 episodes or so, is better.
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A hatred for soup can manifest as a love for Lelouch and a desire to see him succeed.

It also didn't help Light's case that his antagonist was both intelligent and charismatic. We got see all of Light's personality and thought process and compared to L he's a pretty shitty guy. In Code Geass you get to see both of them fairly equally, which made Suzaku look more terrible as the series went on. Also >>160491976, Lelouch had firmer grasp on reality.

Share me your memories, oldfags. Who was the most popular Bamboo Blade girl when the anime was coming out? Was it Tama?
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Busta Rhymes
We need more Bamboo blade
There was a spin-off manga, anime never.

It's time for some character development, TOHSAKA RIN
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Are you ready?

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