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Could she kill you?
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Only in her delusions.
Not if I kill me first
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Out of all the characters in Hina Logi, can we agree that she is the best?
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She is fucking perfect.
I agree.

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Why on earth do people like this show? It's action but the animation is shit, the characters aren't likeable and it's just so boring. What exactly am I missing?
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it started off good as a vampire paranormal mystery but I turned it off when it turned out to be dragon ball zed.

pretty rare for a show to start so strong and then turn to crap, usually it's the other way around.
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>the characters aren't likeable and it's just so boring
Now let this hit page 10.
Because Phantom Blood sucks, most people like JJBA from Part 2: Battle Tedency onwards.

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>Kirino punches Kyousuke dozens of times, even kicks him in the balls once
>"uguu~~ so kawaii!!"

>Manami punches Kirino twice
>"wow, what a bitch; worst grill xd"

What the fuck is wrong with you people?
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Because incest fags are cancer
Manami a shit.
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>no argument

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What director would make the best Punpun adaptation?
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It doesn't need an adaptation
You can't adapt Punpun, it'll turn worse than berserk 2016/2017.

you completely missed the point my dudes, this is a hypothetical scenario

Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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>biggest breast in canon thats non transformation or monstrous
>ring out

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When I say Isekai what is the first thing come in your mind?
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>"Again with this generic shit acclaied in /a/"
"wasted potential"
guarantee rape

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Is kobayashi an abusive drunk?
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I think this thread may have been made before.
Why is there no doujin where Kobayashi abuses her maid
No, just overconfident when drunk. If she was abusive, she never would have got a dragon maid in the first place.

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Karen is for ________.
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sweaty and intense workouts.
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Lick her feets

Will the best character ever return to monogatari? I'm re-watching Bake and I'm really missing him.
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kaiki didn't show up until nise
Hes too strong for the main villain to fight, so main villain removes him from the story. He'll be back.

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how do they get away with it?
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Now add the prices to the image.
it's a garbage harem show nobody really wants to collect a BD of.

also, that's the WHOLE season vs. two episodes in JP lmao
I don't know why japs buy bd when they only get 2 episodes AND it's incredibly expensive. Just the otaku?

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Is there a romance manga that's better than this one? or at least one that has a weirder premise?btw the former question was rhetorical there is no better romance manga.
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Yes, many.

X went to shit when the Mangaka stopped doing drugs. He couldn't even come up with a decent ending. It's a shame too, because it was a good premise and a great start.
So many. SO MANY.
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yeah but you didn't name any.

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So this was first time I’ve ever seen Lain, and I’ve got to ask: what did the Bear Suit symbolize? What is the sincifitance of the Bear Suit? What per pose does it have to the relegance of the themes? Why is it a Brown Bear? What sinigficance does it is color have? Why a Bear? Is there’s some correlation between Bears and asceticism? Why a Big Brown, not Black Bear or White Bear? What it’s the feasibility of the bhar esszutu. I’ find it Unrealistink that Lain’s FATHER amongst all would buy it a Bear Suit (expcensive and Stylish) when The House is Bearen and Empty with Bearen White Walls and Ture Austerity in Visceral Style (A mator clash with the WIRED). It’s just, a little weird you know, what With all the Digital Taims that such a focus on a Bear, Suit. I guess Lain is Astic Bear (hents Serial Experiments LAIN).
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Lain is not autistic.
Lain is smart.
Lain is cute.
Lain is God.
l o v e l a i n
For hugs.
It's cute.

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Well so?
>the shit ones have glasses
What did they mean by this?
Everything before 3 is shit.

What did she mean by this?
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Hahaha, wow
Did you just come up with that?

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