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What happened to Chiaki J Konaka? This guy used to write anime every season, then he vanished around 2009.
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He said he would come back for 2017 and I am still waiting.
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It's just a long training arc. Once the plot advances, he'll save anime.
What will come out first: Half-Life 3 or Despera?

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I need your help, /a/. I've forgotten what tomboys are for.
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Balls-deep facefucking

Why are braces so rare in anime?
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Makes it harder to suck dick.
Also because Japan I guess.
They're also rare in Japan. That's why everyone's teeth are hideous.
teeth arent sexy
apart from fangs, but thats strictly 2d only

Slice of life thread !!
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I don't like this slice.
More like slice of depression.
>take a slice out of life
>it all turns into dead meat
Am I doing something wrong?

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So I just bought Lucky Star on DVD, the box art is really cute
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Good to know
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I'm all for supporting the industry. Here's the inside.
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Here's the side with Kagamin in the maid costume

It was only ten dollars too, /a/ should be made more aware of alternatives to piracy in my honest opinion.

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Why don't bunny girls show up in anime more often?
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Doesn't Playboy literally have a copyright on the bunny suit?
anon pls, thats like copyrighting maid uniforms
Because Haruhi isn't popular anymore.

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Magane spin-off edition
Third special tomorrow
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Shit thread
Go ahead make a better one
Art style is...distinct,to say the least.

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Who's the most badass female character in anime/manga?
And I'm not talking about your "cool headed beauty" types that only look badass. I'm talking about jumping into action not giving a single fuck female character that we mostly remember for being such a fucking badass.
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Most of the FMA cast.
Most of the Black Lagoon cast.
I know that's a list but fuck you OP you're not my boss
Satsuki fuckin sama. If you think ryuko you're soft.

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Episode 06 preview
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First off, even though Siegfried may be gone, I’m glad we still got to see Astolfo live up to the promises he made. From protecting Sieg all the way to the end to standing up to the entire Black Faction as they were looking at him with some pretty murderous eyes, it’s a damn shame that we probably won’t get to see much more of him until later in the series. As someone who doesn’t seem to really care about what’s going on, it was like breathing in a breath of fresh air whenever Astolfo graced the screen. If anything, I think what I enjoyed the most was just how well he managed to aggravate everyone who he didn’t particularly care for (especially his master).

Moving on from Astolfo, it’s nice to see Ruler get some proper screen time. As the main character for Apocrypha, I still think it’s a little odd that it took five episodes to really integrate her into the story. That said, there’s no denying that she played her role magnificently. Between progressing the story to the next major arc to foreshadowing a tragic end to Sieg should things stay true, I loved how we got to see her struggle as she tried to figure out just what the best path for Sieg would be.
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Jack's ass a cute

>tfw no racecar gf
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>tfw gonna die alone
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whatever, drivers dont need gfs

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Hey, onii-chan, could you go at the store and buy me some potato chipsu?
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It shall be done.
What flavor?

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fate/apocrypha thread
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Hopefully it will be possible to avoid posting lewd this time.
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What do you think is going on with Doris and Hippolyta? It's being implied that *something* shady is going on with them. The former won't even respond to Faldeus, as I recall.
Why do people like Jeanne Alter?

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Say something nice about her
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She's funny as hell and completely adorable.
[x] Touch Tohka's tohkas
Stop spamming garbage threads, retard.

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pick one
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I'll take the pink haired boy in the middle.

Please let this piece of crap anime fade into obscurity.
I want to look EXACTLY like Koito.

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Guts VS Kenshiro

Who Would Win ?
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They would team up.
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shiki wins
I would bet my money on the jojo reference

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