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What BGM is playing in the background?
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Only someone as villainous and foolish as LU BU would steal a loli with the God of War standing in front of them

What makes this guy a villain OP? Is he going to come first and not take responsibility?

Will we ever get another masterpiece like Ikkitousen ever again?
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the studio seems to be dead so probably no
There's a new queen's blade season coming out soon

Senran studio could make it happen if they wanted

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Asuka and Kaji are getting engaged! Congratulate them!
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congrats on ur bronze medal lmao
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pretty sure thats illegal

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Natsume Yuujinchou > Mushishi
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Nyanko-sensei > *
ongoing > complete indeed
lazy ass mangaka is doing seemingly nothing (aka probably marriage kids and such irrelevant unprofessional shit) what a blue balling of a creator
>ongoing > complete indeed
Doesn't matter at all since they're both episodic in nature and most of the stories are self-contained

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Didn't see one in the catalog

What do you like about the manga? What do you not like about it?

Just finished reading the series earlier this year and never got the chance to discuss it with anyone who'd read it

I relate to Aiko the most

Punpun, too, but I have avoided becoming as terrible a person as he did, thank god
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Howls of laughter.jpg
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Who did it best?

is that from the Viz one? a lot of the wording seems to be more awkward generally

i have to say, the more I see of it, the more I prefer the fan translation. I even prefer the font

if that's real, it's awful. simply having (laughs) really adds to the lack of real emotion and how hollow Punpun is, how much humanity he's lost
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How do you howl laughter?

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Was Psycho Pass good?
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Pretentious edgy shit
Quoting books doesn't make your series good.
God no.

What is your favorite anime from Rumiko Takahashi. After seeing Maison Ikkoku I've been more interested in seeing more of her work. I wish I would've gotten around to download Urusei Yatsura before the Bakabt shutdown
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i liked this one
Maison is her only decent work.

Inuyasha was mehh, Urusei and Ranma are complete garbage and that Kyoukai something is even worse.
Not anime but this one is fun.

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I just caught up with this, what did I think about it?
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looks fun, but i have at least 2 other manga i want to read before I start with that one.
that you need more mushrooms in your life
She should be hired to continue Togashi's story if he dies or goes on another hiatus

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When will KyoAni stop making yuribait?
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What is pic? they are making hard core yuri
Is this VEG? What the fuck happened it looks like moe shit now.
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It's a new idolshit

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It's about to go down
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Down for a talk
>government is the hero that will save the world from artistic works of fiction

What did they mean by this?
>not fucking and supporting your girl friend results in the end of the world
Marry and procreate

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big government.gif
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Government cake!
Also, no new episode next Saturday, instead, we get another seiyuu special.
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Who's reading this shit? I know you're out there.
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Okay, sorry.
is this the same author as rough sketch senpai?

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Will JCs ever win?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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It doesnt matter what you say, It doesnt matter what you think, because in the end She will always be the best.
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You are (not) wrong.
Best character? sure, but she is "worst" girl.
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For angel penetration.

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