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ITT perfect girls from abhorrent shows.
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I'm not sure why everyone seems to hate KnK so much. Maybe they dropped it too soon.
Why? It was average, maybe a little above.
I never watched it, but the first volume of the LN was nearly unreadable trash. Truly one of the worst I've ever suffered through.

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Is there any point to making anime? Is it a lost art?

Can you make money off of it? You can do it these days with a computer and paper.

Mind you, you are talking to somebody with low amounts of motivating chemicals in his brain.
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Indie anime

I can do better anime than that, I just started sketching out the scene

Maybe a short clip or film
Like, is there any... way to make it for the greater good...

Besides exploration of scientific concepts and designs and ideas...

Ie because that would require too heavy story telling and atmosphere setting which would get in the way, and involving people and context.

And in what way is it superior than just images or computer models or maybe pure computer animation, though not also ruling that out in part.

I think I already have sort of a mental image of what I want to do... a 4-space involving a running robot getting knocked over by a space wrinkle appearing near his left calf as he's running. Though that would be difficult to do deeply enough, even with computer help, carrying this between computer and paper without totally making it computer based. I think maybe once I understand the effects of 3-brane 4-bulk space I can imitate it on paper for eg a Rosen-Einstein bridge and a generally self-enclosing mini universe, along with other things (eg around a gravitating body from different angles and perspectives). It would be pointless though to do any of this, and on paper, though, besides these effects. I think a program can be mode for computer animation and maybe integrating paper input art to turn into 3-d for generating these effects. Also maybe exploring propulsion design and prospects. I think I like paper for the mistakes that might give more information, the speed of creation, and the ability to tweak large amounts of information precisely for motion and appeal.

No I can't think of any story for it. Okay, waste of time. Back to serious scientific work. If I can manage to get through this one.

This is the greatest one piece arc in years Germa 66 is a really nice addition.
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>ehh, yet a few more Saberfaces
>shitty, generic, would not bang

>release yet another Saberface
>but add a hint of craziness
Explain yourselves.
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Depending on how deep you are into anime, Fate stuff was always good.
Crazy servants are the only ones with actual personalities and character arcs.
>being crazy means that you have a personality
Great opinion.

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This guy is totally killing himself at the end, isn't he.
>be gay
>government offers you womin
he is a sad man
nah he gets killed by sat after trying to raid the yukari HQ

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Picked up
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So what, if you touch her tits that would be rape?

>not taking advantage of the blackmail and actually just raping her and then reverse blackmailing her with the secret she initially wanted you to keep in the first place
but rape is a crime, anon

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
Morning koume <3
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Koume and La Pucelle share the futon, they had a fun night and lovely wake up.

They become lover and La Pucelle get kinda surprise that Koume like be on top with cowgirl position and leg locking.

They had magic babies fan of baseball

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Why is the 1980's series such Kino?
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You Hear it, You Lose,
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Starting with cover of v8.
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s2 announcement
Pretty good designs.
This looks like shit, should have posted that other pic
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It's fucking chapter dump, of course I'll post it but I get connection errors half the time I try

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What's your favourite part about Ryuuko Matoi?
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her relatives of course
Her voice.
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Her smile.

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>silky grey hair
>beautiful face
>intense blue eyes
>cute budding mounds
>slim belly
>bombshell hips
>sexy legs
>just the right amount of thigh gap
>excellent fashion sense
Sagiri is probably the ideal JC. How can anyone compete with her?
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She's boring
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>first the manhandle pasta
>now this post
Stop stealing posts already.
>lewd js capable of drawing your own doujin
You're just gay.

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>tfw I will never see an AzuDaioh OC meme ever again
>tfw newfags will never know what an AzuDaioh is

Also, Azumanga Daioh thread
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Son, you know damn well the thread won't last long.
Best girl.
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Kagura is love. Kagura is life.

Fucking spats, man. I love them
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Best on tomboys or lolis.

Non-tomboys looks better in skirts.

And MILF/Cakes in pants.
This, they look great on tomboys with nice bodies.
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Spats are great. I'd pick spats over boring pantyshots any day.

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I will get a lot of hate for this but I wanna fuck Yui hard in her tigh pussy by ripping off her tights and then force my cock into little cum dumpster mouth of hers. I mean look at them thighs. That face. How should I control my urges?
Also general Yui/K-ON thread.
>don't lewd the keions
I know i'm sorry
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You can lewd the Keions but only if it's

1. yuri
2. gentle lovemaking
3. femdom

Otherwise, kill yourself.
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are you.png
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>Liking Yui
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Sign me up for some gentle femdom with Ricchan

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