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OVA Lina in red jeans > main series Lina in a tracksuit
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I mean, sure, but I can't spare any attention for Lina's outfit because Naga is there.
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Lina is never not good
what order do I watch slayers in?

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You're too fat. /a/ likes DFC like me.
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spooky ghost.png
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Post in trap threads and respond to every post by stuttering and using a blushing, ambiguously gendered anime character and I guarantee a couple /a/nons will like you.
I will tell you how to be popular just tell me who is in this image first.

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magical kyouko.jpg
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the original atama ga okashii bakuretsu shoujo
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Gamaran physics anyone?
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warping spear technique.jpg
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Sometimes I think this manga will be better off if it did the typical reiatsu/chakra shit instead.
I rather enjoyed this sort of thing in Gamaran. It was great until around the halfway point.

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Garupa is getting a Chinese server in Autumn

https://gnn gamer com tw/3/150683.html
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I'm confused. Where's the kira kira?
Kira Kira isn't on the game. The closest you'll get is Egao no Orchestra.
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>no kira kira
Why would I play it?

Which anime had the best OPs and EDs?
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This is my wife. I love her and she loves me.
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she belongs to me.jpg
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I wouldn't be so sure if I were you.
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Is the second one Russian?

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>watch english dub of initial d (actually watching in japanese but decided to see what eng dub is like)
>there's no eurobeat
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There's two dubs. The first is garbage with no Eurobeat and changed character names. The later Funimation dub is much more serviceable.
Who made the frist one?

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>Two weeks without Shingeki no Bahamut
This is torture.
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It doesn't air tomorrow?
I mean this week.

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Is it true Willem will be using his Goblin persona in the upcoming Death Note adaptation? I didn't believe it until I saw the leaked footage of him telling Light to "Kill that nigger family down the road".
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I was surprised by the scene where Light commented on how half the people he killed were black when they were only thirteen percent of the population.
>the leaked footage of him telling Light to "Kill that nigger family down the road".
The funny thing is, this would have had a shot at being decent had it been made into a series instead of a movie.

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images (1).jpg
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>muders your loli
What do?
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get new loli
>replaces his loli
Go back in time and save my loli.

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Is trap x reverse trap the purest form of love?
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Only if neither of them knows the other one's real gender.
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traps are 10/10
And hottest too

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How are they gonna actually kill him? Shoot him into space?
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But why would you kill him? He's completely helpless if you don't.

amputate all limbs
take out his tongue or gag him, so he can't kill himself by biting his tongue
constantly sprinkle water on him, so he can't use his Stand to kill himself
wait till he dies of old age
or just bury him in a barrel in some remote location so he'll suffocate again the moment he regenerates like he did to the guys who wouldn't join his terrorist group

H-hello anons...

5 years ago katawa shoujo V2 starring fast wheels appeared here. Does anyone have the original thread saved?

ITT also: dead /a/ memes
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Holy shit, i remember this. I'm going to attempt to find it.. but no guarantees
I was OP who made it while I was at work because I was bored. I just wanted to see if it still existed in its entirety
File: 1334427778616.jpg (3MB, 4102x2397px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 4102x2397px

In the mean time, I found this. Does it count for dead memes?

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What's her endgame?
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the cunt
Get the big H
Which big H?

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