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What anime feature retarded, slow, stupid kind of girls?

I'm not trying to offend anyone's waifu here, just interested in research
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My vote is for tohka from DATE A LIVE
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Hmmm mayuri may not qualify, she displays moments of impressive salience and seems to know more than she lets on

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You can't even brush your imouto's hair without it being sexual.
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That is correct, yes.
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>Studio Khara
>Directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura

Please don't suck
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I'm nervous how a redesigned Noa would look like
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Are they using new characters, or trying to reuse the originals?

I can see strong potential for serious fuckup either way.
It's like, one of those 10-15 minute shorts for the animator expo right?

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Look everyone. It's Lum.
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>go into work for the first day of your new job
>see this
What do
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Lack of work. See you cunts later.
I didn't realize this was what you meant by 'pipe welding.'

Take picture
Alternate girl every other day

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What characteristics make an anime or mange edgy?
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read this one and you'll find out
Id like the characteristics as to better identify and avoid them.
Well whatever they are. Allen Walker is by no means edgy.

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Best chapter so far, this week.

Finally got off my ass (or on, I guess) and got another chapter done. As usual, point out any mistakes you find so that they can be fixed. I'll be fixing it tomorrow though, not tonight
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I fell asleep watching her show. Did I fuck up, /a/, or does that mean I like it?
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And you don't seem to understand
on what episode?
It means you saw the true worth in the show - it is boring dogshit for pseudo-intellectuals and you have proven yourself by acknowledging its failure and ignoring its worth

Its been 4 years since kyoani has made a good anime. While I enjoy their fluff pieces what happened to story and plot? Clannad was their first milestone, then Haruhi, then Hyouka, what is their next big anime?
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Eru's All Anal Slugfest.
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watching hyouka.jpg
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Chunibyou, Amagi, Hibiki Euphonium, and Phantom World were all better than that pile of shit and they were all average at best.
Hibike Euphonium was very well written.

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Can anyone explain the storyline of Rolling Girls?
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There isn't one.
they roll
Music or something

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So, am i the only one who find her annoying and boring? She's just there to take Simón out of his depression, she's just a fucking plot devise and a shitty love interest.
I'm not gonna drop it because i like crazy over the top shit but really, what were they thinking?
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>a girl made to lose Simon's virginity
nia actively worsens gurren lagann for me and I hate her more and more every time I rewatch it
The show pretty much goes to shit when she shows up.

Hello /a/ I have a question for anyone who might be so inclined.

I have just found my old dvds for a series "the legend of black heaven" released back in 1999. It was a great show that I loved back then and want to share it.

I was able to rip the dvds into 4 large files one for each disk. My question for the denasins of /a/ is if you all know a decent program to chop up the MKV files and keep the soft subs working.

Or even a program that I can use to get both the English and Japanese audio tracks into the MKV file. Currently using "MakeMKV"
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free bump for great show that was exactly what you expected from it, and nothing more, dat OP

haven't done any chopping up in the last several years so I couldn't tell you what's worth using these days

may want to ping a couple of the remaining fansub groups to see what their pipeline is
Any suggestions?

::WARNING:: This is the ending of the show without subtitles.
3w dot filedropper dot com slash legendofblackheavenendingnocredits

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When does this get good /a/?
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When you read the manga instead
when does Zodd show up? episode 4?
I watched the first episode and dropped it. It's like a fucking 12 year old drew it, the graphics are a joke.

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Finished pic related, what were your thoughts /a/? I give it a solid 8.5/10
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I hate it.
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It's the best anime

Should I read the manga after I finish this?
If so what chapter should I start on?

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What are the requirements to become a gold saint?
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-be a Prodigy and win the cloth by default
-be trained by a gold saint and wait until he dies
-the current Pope gives you a gold cloth because reasons
-the current Athena gives you a gold cloth because reasons
- find a random gold cloth and hope it likes you enough to keep it
The real requirement is to be a prodigy. Being an exceptional silver/bronze saint is a prodigy too, despite the promotions are a measure for desperate times. The other reasons are non-canon bullshit
Do they have like a cutting score for saints such as physical fitness and yearly sexual harassment classes that need to be taken?

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