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>pick this up expecting nothing, only interested because I saw the OP once
>it's fucking incredible
>haven't laughed so hard since nichibros
>Momiji is perfection
>good drama as well for the most part
>literal 9/10 up until the last few episodes(which were still okay)
>nobody fucking mentions or talks about it ever

How? This shit should be a hundred times more popular. Also,
>that false S2 announcement at the end
Cut my life into peices.
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Disgusting cowtits.
Because the manga ended years ago.
Check out Sabagebu if you haven't. It's in the same vein of comedy.

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seriously what the fuck did I just watch
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24 episodes of GENKI
Xabungle 3
Is it worth watching for pure what the fuck factor?

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Whats so bad about this anime?
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Did she finally admit she was leading the poor guy on like the cowardly bitch she is?
Yep and this is after he tells her that he's sorry for whatever he may have done to hurt her
There's only 2 chapters left.

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post your waifu and i will draw her
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Absolutely fine~.jpg
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I mean might as well
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Well it is her birthday tomorrow
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Which is the better studio?

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WIT can't schedule their productions well, but at least they have got some damn good animators unlike David Pro.
Well-known anime made by David Production
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)
That's it.
Well-known anime made by Wit Studio
Attack on Titan
Owari no Seraph
Attack on Train (Habanero of the Iron Fortress)
Why do people like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? Isn't it just another shitty shounen.

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Is New Game AOTY?
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Not even remotely close.

It's the Sansha Sanyou of this season
Nah new game is actually good

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which anime girl has the best ass?
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Fanart doesn't count, love live a shit
Not Maki, that's for sure.
Why are tiny hats so amusing?

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Same VA.
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>On the left
He has a VA? He isn't even animated.
He was animated a little in that one OP.

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Rewatching Kill la Kill, think we will ever see a season 2 or a spinoff?
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It shouldn't. The series end nicely enough.

Trigger may dig it back up somehow though.
No, it doesn't need to go on it has a complete story. Probably a reference or two in one of Trigger's future works.
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Even if we did get a season 2, since Nui is dead, what would be the point?

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Is this still the best anime series?
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I bet my entire life savings you're either black or a scruffy white male in his 30s.
Best anime series that will EVER exist.

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"P-please don't tell Tomoya what we're doing here!"
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I won't tell a soul. Now let me part those beef curtains.
I'd hit those dangos.
Aren't you supposed to be dead?

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Is this one of the best endings so far?
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>Kodomo no Jikan
A quick way to get put on a list. It was well worth it.

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Is Miyazaki a legitimately skilled director, or are people just drawn in by the high-quality animation and vibrant art style of his movies?
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There are only 4, perhaps 5 noteworthy directors in all of commercial Japanese animation. Miyazaki is one of them.
If you aren't impressed by whichever of the movies you've seen try watching the On Your Mark music video which he directed, it's a quick and good showcase
He is great

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I legitimately can't find what the fuck the viewing order is for this. I know nothing about GitS other than it's cyberpunk future shit, and I don't watch much anime. What's the order here?

I also couldn't find a GitS thread already in here, hence why I made my own.
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You might be a retard.
>I legitimately can't find what the fuck the viewing order is for this
Have you tried this new obscure website called Google?
It does wonder, some say it's some kind of black magic.
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