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How does her fucking jacket stay on?
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I wonder what's on her arm.
Surely she doesn't actually tighten them though, that'd feel awkward and painful as fuck.

Why does she even do it in the first place though.
through the power of kawai all things are possible

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I just finished watching 20th episode of K-on(School Festival)and it was really really hard to watch. I don't believe this series is so emotional. I really shed few tears during this episode and I rarely cry while watching anime. Series finale is not going to be much worse, right? But I wanted to ask about the order of watching OVAs and movie. Should I watch them before or after ending?
Also K-On general maybe or something.
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Wow. You made it through 20 episodes? I can't even get through the first. That anime sucks so hard.
Watch the Movie after Season 2
Really? I heard it makes ending lack impact or something.

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Anon, please, do it gently...
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I'll try,but your quads are so tight I might have to get press a little firmly.
Do what?
sorry, i'm not gay

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What is up with this?
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A cherry picked example of animation
Animation on the left looks kinda forced.
digital anime was mistake

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Characters that went from a perfect zero to a perfect ten?

Pic related.
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Is that Orange-kun, or a character from one of those spinoffs that no one seems to care about?





Me and my friend have differing opinions on this and, in essence, I am looking for validation of my opinion over his, but wish to discuss this show anyways

I feel it was pretty mediocre with several plot points that get dropped (the relics, bettering the kingdom), unexplained (Milk, the other Stigma guy and his orphanage, Ferris brother and the king), or just blown in from out of left field (MC vs the king tied to destiny of some sorts)

I think the best parts of this show were the character interweaving goals and the MC's back story, but the rest of the show felt flat.
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anime is prequel to the main story
They had 24 episodes to adapt 12 LN volumes. Which by the way is only the prequel to the main story so a bunch of stuff is unfortunately left unanswered.

>S2 never
Didn't the LN author also die?

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Does /a/ have any experience with contracting translators?

I don't really know much about the translation, cleaning, and editing process (or what cleaning and editing even means really). I don't know if I want to have the translation on the page or if i'm fine with just a text file, but those questions are kinda moot until I can find information on hiring free lance translators or something.

Anyone know more?
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contact me on
#boysthatpretendtobegirlsonline on rizon
I went there out of curiosity, no one was there.
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Translator speaking here.

>I don't really know much about the translation, cleaning, and editing process

that's fine
removing text and improving the linework and overall quality of the RAW if necessary or possible
usually just proof-reading the text

>I don't know if I want to have the translation on the page or if i'm fine with just a text file
If you talk about hiring JUST a translator, he will deliver a .txt for you - at least that's how I work.
Cleaning and Typesetting require some Photoshop-Skills to be anywhere near effective, and require a lot of time.
Editing is not even really nice to do by yourself - you tend to not see your own errors.

>how to hire freelancers
I would roam the Scanlations-Threads for available people, or contact specific Groups directly.

That IRC-Channel also looks promising.

Gentle Reminder: You always get what you pay for.

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Would Kaoru be a good mother?
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Why wouldn't she be?
She can't even take care of herself. Just look at that greasy messy hair of hers
>implying a poor tomboy with a single mother could be a good mother

Stop the fucking jokes

Is she the only reason to watch phantom world?
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There's literally no reason to watch phantom world.

The sexy fairy was the only reason.

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Why is MC such a beta fucking faggot? I've never been this pissed off just watching a character's stupid actions before, but he seriously pisses me off. Making characters beta and weak just because of muh humanity is a stupid tactic.

He is much much more beta than Subaru.
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>fucked his friend
>Why is MC such a beta fucking faggot?

He literally had sex. That makes him better than 99% of anime protagonists
How many episodes have you watched so far?
Give it time.

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ITT: Shows people pretend to enjoy for weeb cred.
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Forced thread
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mio yukko.jpg
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What's funny is that kill la kill isn't actually very good

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How do you feel about noticeable small breasts?
I.e. not flat.
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They disgust me
Better than flat.

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>I love you, MC kun!
>Sorry, what was that?
>Oh, nothing... Tee Hee!
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Arthur would be a 10/10 anime MC
>would be
leave and take your stupid Arthur memes with you

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The Gate from GATE opens up to the world of Berserk.

How does this change the plot?
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Gate gods collectively shit their pants when a pervasive evil is inflicted on everything. Famine, disease, murder, rape, and mindless violence multiplies unchecked.
So what happens when Berserk creatures arrive?
Dwarven Berserkers everywhere.

The great war is upon this world again.

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Anyone else excited for SAO S3?
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