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Kotori Nope!.png
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>Rival Idol Group is a K-Pop inspired group
>Not EDM/Exile/LDH Inspired group.
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You're criticizing A-RISE?

Yes I am.
I like how they were basically calling K-Pop idols sluts the entire time by having them dance in such provocative ways. Typical Japanese chauvinism.

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She is your servant for tonight. What do you do?

P.S She needs more mana.
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Mana transfer of course, wouldn't want to be a bad master would you?
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She'll watch Ran->Sem with me and we'll discuss the philosophies behind the Buddha's religion and what it all really means.
But I'm a Nerofag.

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sad riko.png
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So a manga I'm translating has just been licensed by Seven Seas. (Pic unrelated) What would happen if I continued to scan it?

I wouldn't be too crushed to let it go, but we're fairly close to catching up to the raws. On the other hand, I don't want to paint a big target on my head because I translate a bunch of other manga and one DMCA might bring the whole house down.
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Fuck the police, nigga!
DMCAs mean absolutely nothing unless you're stupid enough to be releasing stuff under your full real name. The worst thing that they can do is shut down your blog in which case just start another. If you don't feel like going through that just to potentially have it shut down again, then just release shit on /a/. That's what I usually do.

The only person who can stop you from scanlating whatever the fuck you want is yourself.
I want to inseminate Riko.

Did they die in the end?
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Mafia Hei got assassinated and 1 killed herself
Karma's a bitch.

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Does half of their budget goes on animating skies and clouds?
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Those are literally photos, they can take a bunch in a day and use them for the entire series without spending more than a few man hours.
Are you sure?
Why don't more animators do it then?
And why not take shots of other stuff as well? Like pictures of a city to use as backdrop?

No yuri comfy diving thread? I fix that.
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You blew it.
>both want to fuck dudes
I haven't watched the anime yet, but I've read some of the manga.
Has the hot red-head shown up yet?

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DBS ep.54: “Inheritor of Saiyan Blood: Trunks’ Resolve” August 7th
With his son Trunks worried about his lack of power, Vegeta…?!

Trunks is shocked at the huge gap in power between himself and Goku.
As he irresponsibly acts as if they don’t even need him around, his father Vegeta is outraged?!

This Week’s Zamasu and Gowasu
Using Time Rings!
In order to observe what happens to the inhabitants of the planet Babari, the two of them use Time Rings to warp a thousand years into the future!
What do they see in the future?!
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I don't remember there being rain in the manga,

That was so awfully done in Super. I couldn't even bother to give a crap about it in Super. It just feels so fake.

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>you will never be tricked by your best friend into having sex with a brown goddess
saucen preazu

Why do I dream about this bitch everytime?
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>call it female dog

Its a tom, anon
Very smart, aren't you?

Name a better protagonist.
I bet you can't.
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I unironically like Gary stu mcs, so I can't.
t. Neet

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Just watched Shojo Tsubaki.

Sickening to the point in which I gagged a couple times. The first ten minutes of this movie are so packed with human tragedy it makes Salo and A Serbian Film look mild in comparison, the imagery and themes so twisted it makes the Holy Mountain feel PG-13.

I always go into these movies with a morbid anticipation, like everybody else, but end up feeling empty and nauseous afterwards. Still, I always end up coming back for more, and I keep getting surprised at how dark it can get. Anime really is a diverse medium.
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I found A Serbian Film more effective, this one to me was mainly just ugly.
Serbian Film is one of the funniest things I've ever watched, it's too over the top to be disturbing, something more subdued would have been much more effective.
I'm watching this right now and i can't stop laughing, It's so overly edgy and melodramatic just for the sake of it.

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This is quite an enigma.
I just wanted to be a teleporting necro...

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A thousand
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struggle for
finding a

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ITT : Anime that really really really makes you think.
> “Different minds perceive different things, but all are imprisoned, asleep in a paradigm of material reality. Awakened minds bearing a more malleable paradigm, such as those of mages, can bend its rules, but never truly break them. To cross that boundary is to become something more and less human. A god, but absent the restraint.” - Shiki
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if you think about anime then your a faggot
She doesn't like sex you fucking idiot.
Whoops, there goes the whole point of the post!

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What went wrong with this series?
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Fucking everything.
Yeah but besides that.

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