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Can you really blame a man for falling in love with money?
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I almost forgot that forgettable anime.

This was almost as cliched rich greedy people =bad
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doesn't she represent his future daughter?

I'd just like to remind you that there are people out there who will literally defend this
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thats grimgar right? is it good?
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ITT: Shows where the first half >>>>> second half.

I'll start
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You are retarded, all Ikuhara shows only get better during the second half.
Sure thing, bud. Keep sucking that Ikuhara cock and enjoying your soap opera bullshit.
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What genre should be deconstructed next? I say the pet monster/gotta catch 'em all genre has alot of potential

Yes i'm aware of Narutaru, too bad it's shit
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fuck derrida that guy was a hack
wasn't there a digimon show that was a catch 'em all deconstruction
I'd like to see a deconstructive take on the tropes of the "mecha" genre of anime.

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Would you let your daughter wear this?
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No because the grammar is incorrect, it would be embarrassing.
I'd let her wear it while we were having sex, but she wouldn't wear it outside the house.

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be honest, /a/.

could you really look past her many, many flaws and date a Tomoko? I don't think I could.
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I doubt she could look past all mine
Tomoko is better looking than all of us.
I'd try to get her to talk to a psychologist. Her issues are hurting her more than anyone else, and I want her to get the help she clearly needs.

I miss Mayoiga.
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I miss the threads not the show.
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I miss Galko-chan...

Don't you guys?
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Everyday nigga, who knows when's the next time we will see such perfection
I rewatched the whole thing yesterday

It's so good
fuck off

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>ITT: Literally perfect OPs
>currently 0/3 for even a mediocre OP
This thread looks promising.

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pick a fruit
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Long black hair gets me hard.
>photoshopped Sachi
I choose apple.

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what is she suggesting?
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What's with the influx of gyarus?
And how do we insure it continues?
They are trying to make things more realistic.

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You've gathered all seven of the dragon balls. What are your wishes?
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Immortality for humanity.
Call OP a faggot for me
Stop the suffering

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How come Gantz is looking absolutely amazing?

Where do you think they got the budget for this and why couldn't berserk do the same with its movies?
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Is that Reika at 1:39? Looking forward for her ass in high definition. I hope they dont mess up the story too much though
Will never understand why people like this, there's only really one halfway decent character and they get killed off.

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Do you remember the fun you had back when this aired?
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I don't know what this is
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Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole episode
Same. Looks like generic moeshit.

so I just finished this. What the fuck did I just watch and why do you faggots like it so much?
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One of the greatest if not the greatest anime movie of all time. Nothing like it.

An absolute must watch for its brilliance.
You watched how people with avoidant personality disorder feel every day.
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End of Evangelion II.jpg
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The film invoked such a wide aray of emotions in me it's crazy: anger, sadness, disturbance, fear, digust, confusion, hope, hapiness, excitement and awe. It made me understand what the greeks meant by catharis. This is of course the result of beautiful visual direction, a complex storyline with both a strong, grand plot and a more focused, personal ones. On top of that it had characters I could feel sorry for, hate and love.

When I watched it on the one hand I felt like I saw something special, that it created a bond only I could feel but on the other hand it made me want to just go out and shout "Holy shit! That was fuckin amazing!".

Besides that there wasn't too much to like about it.

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