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>I-it's not like I l-like her or anything.
I-is my tsundere shitty?
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of course it is. Everyone's waifu is shitty.
OP. I have no Idea what you're talking about, Eriri's a goddess-tier tsundere.
>Not good waifu
All tsunderes are shit anyway.

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Do you think 2 and 13 do specials together?
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>this week, on op's "things nobody gives a shit about"

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ITT: Post the most wtf anime moment
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wtf i hate anime now
Me on the left.
Fucking japs can't accept their slanty eyes and just gave that motherfucker giant holes

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Prove to me that she isn't the most attractive girl in nisekoi and most other manga now.
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Have some self respect.
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As a Tsugumifag I thought this was a little sudden but still besto.

Harambe and doormat are terrible.
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I don't read this manga but I like tsugumi. What ending does she get?

What's Griffith's end goal now that he had his kingdom?

I have a feeling Guts will end up forgiving or letting what happened in the past go when he sees griffith again

Will Casca really get her mind restored,how will she handle being a vegetable for the past 10 years
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As Guts said in the latest chapter, the city is another step on the way. Griffith will most likely do more horrible shit to get greater power, some people say he will offer Falconia's population as a sacrifice, but who knows.
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>I have a feeling Guts will end up forgiving or letting what happened in the past go when he sees griffith again

What about this rage fueled vengeance monster that's been hatefucking a sword through demons for twenty years of manga now makes you think that?

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Been a couple days, so let's continue.

TL;DR: Updating a chart from 3 years ago and first started 6 years ago in the efforts of showcasing particular shows which have excelled in certain (niche) aspects.

How this works:
>think up a good example for a category
>you must provide visual evidence and put forward an argument for your example
>other anons can chime in on a person's choice to debate or support it
>if we reach 5 examples, don't despair - with a good enough argument you may be able to override a previous choice

We're getting close to finishing. Just a few more to go and then some revisions. I'd like to be able to complete that tonight if we are able.
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This is the 2013 version, so please take a look so you don't look silly when you suggest something that's already on there. We're trying to find things which aren't on that chart to fill the categories (a few have slipped through but only into other, unrelated categories).
Holy fucking shit, nigger, you've been at this for over a week. Just take some random things that were suggested and plug them in, you don't need to make a dozen threads to establish absolute consensus.
We're almost done. I'm not looking for absolute consensus (that'd be madness), but a lot of suggestions have come as a result of people not reading the OP or wanting to fill it up with the same director's work over and over.

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Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu S2 airing in January.

Looks like DEEN will have their hands full for the winter season. Rakugo S2, Konosuba S2, Super Lovers S2 all airing at the same time.
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I imagine there will be an increase in QUALITY shots
Deen literally saving winter 2017.
I hope not but wont be fazed either way since the story's so good.
Kind of want for konosuba 2 since I feel like it adds charm to a dumb fun show

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Umaru thread
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Something's off here.
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oh fuck me I want to fucking die

wrong image

fucking fuck me I'm so fucking stupid

just delete the thread mods
This is now Halal Anime Thread

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This is the pure definition of trash.
Why do I enjoy it?
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Because she's in it.
It's like the show itself it self aware of the trashiness, a satire.
Because I unironically enjoy trash and you can't do anything about it

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You know what you have to do /a/. You have 10 days to mindbreak the bot.
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Oh hey it's her again.
will the internet teach it to love hitler like the google bot?
It's hard to break a bot when we don't speak its language.

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Ryoko > Aeka
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I've forgotten, didn't Ayeka win in Tenchi Universe? Or it was implied she won?

Nope. It's implied that Ryoko won, especially since she's the first one Tenchi meets and the primary female character of the show.
I was a kid when I watched it, so forgive me, but I remember thinking Ryoko was edging things out in the OVA, Ayeka had it in Universe, and Tenchi in Tokyo was shit, and had a mary sue fan character as his waifu.

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Asuna aftersex.jpg
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Reminder that she goaded him into the fucking.

What other protags have canonically had sex with their waifus?
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>Two years worth of semen made a glopping noise as it flowed endlessly into asuna.
>2 teens getting called mama and papa by a 10 year old looking girl

this shit creeped me out for some reason, I stopped watching it as soon as they "adopted" that AI girl.

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Is Rakugo still the best directed anime of 2016?
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Still waiting for S2. It may be drama, but it was damn good drama.
I could agree, also this woman was the worst mom I have ever seen.
Worst mom, worst wife, worst girlfriend, worst whore, and worst influence.

She killed the best character.

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About to start this. What am I in for?
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A lot of Nectar!
Main girl has panties on her head. How bad can it be
Dissapointment after you realize there will never be a season 2. Watched all of it yesterday.

4th episode set this clear
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Why is Saya such a shit?
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Why all baths are so shit compared to the roof one?
We need a AV Bingo

>Amane flashback
>smug villain faces

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