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Is this the anime of the decade? Literally blows every anime that came out from the last 10 years out of the water.
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anine of the century
I want to protect Mob's smile.
It's great, slightly better than OPM which also blows pretty much any anime in recent memory out of the water.

ONE and Murata, saving anime.

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Now that the dust has settled, can we agree that this was actually pretty good?
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Despite having a couple hiccups as well as its dumbass PR and marketing that was initially handled by CIA (who left the project anyway), yeah I'd say it was alright.

Faggots here are just so worried and paranoid about fitting in that they're encouraged to shitpost about it.

Overall I'd say it was good and I'd be interested in seeing this become a TV show.
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The only thing I was disappointed by was the fact that most of the action scenes from the trailer weren't in the movie, but I'm not upset about what I got.

It had some dodgy bits of quality here and there, but the way it introduced the characters and concepts gave enough information for me to be interested in it's world and themes, so more than anything i'm just hoping someone actually picks this up and gives it a full run.

If Production I.G. gets a hold of this, it could be the next Psycho-Pass.

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Would you fully undress the Dess?
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I'd give her my Mjolnir Hammer
No I don't think she's legal and I'm a law abiding man, so...
I would a Rikka.

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>best KonoSuba
>best Re:Zero
>can sing
is there anything this seiyuu can't do?
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Literally who is this cross eyed gook
Literally the hottest piece of seiyuu on the market right now. Lurk for a few years before posting again.

Truly our generations HanaKana.

what is she thinking /a/?
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>"Everyone fell for the 'awkward girl gimmick' despite me looking like a generic kawaii anime girl anyways and being the most blatant waifubait of all time"
>Waifu material

I can't even imagine how pathetic you'd have to be to want to wife up tomoko. She's all around a terrible person.
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I cry so much because of Tomoko today I couldn't even move for 2 hours I love Tomoko that much.

Bravo, America
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Japanese don't even care about the nukes anymore, only weeaboos do.
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Thanks, we worked hard and won. Unlike the slants.

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Now that I think about it

Isn't it Guts fault that Griffith turned into Femto?

It seemed Griffith was trying to off himself due to his current state

And in his head he didn't want guts to touch him because he knew it would trigger the behelit

And furthermore isn't it Guts fault the age of darkness was brought?

The demons only went into the world because 2 of the needed sacrifices escaped , and causality and fate demanded they be sacrificed at any cost.

And now Falconia is the last bastion preventing demons from killing humanity. Griffith is doing his best to protect humanity from what Guts ultimately caused. But he can't bring himself to kill guts or Casca himself.


Griffith did nothing wrong. Guts did everything wrong.
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stupid phoneposter
<3 It's more convenient for me when I'm laying in bed

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How are lolis?
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They're okay.
That doesn't answer the question.

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This is now your slime daughteru, and depending on how you raise her, she grow up into either polite slime girl, or naughty slime slut.
So what will you do?
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pulse her in a blender, pour in cup

give to waifu
Naughty slime slut.
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Just for illustration. This is with what you start.

Another new Gantz:O trailer:

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Unless it doesn't mean what I think it does, my hype's ded.
Fuck, it looks pretty faithful. That power armour.
Hope he says the online karate classes line before geting raped

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Muh anti insert main character
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OP could insert him perfectly tho
shit anime

half of the people are calling him a self-insert

but the other half says he's not

who do I believe?

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why is she so perfect?
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Please post nui
Because she's not real
Why do people always call Ryuuko edgy? Is it literally just because of the hair? She spends half the series in bunny pajamas. Satsuki is 100 times edgier but no one ever says it.

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>Saa, watashi-tachi no deito (sensou) o hajimemashou.
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Say that again. Say it one more time, I dare you
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I want to deito Kotori and marry her.

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I never was into the waifu culture until this year I saw Aqua (from Kono Subarashii) and later Emilia from Re:Zero
They changed my overview and now I can't stop thinking about them all day

How does Waifuism hit you the first time ? How did you like it ?
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Please refrain from making shit threads using EMT.
Interesting senpai.
>changing waifus
End your pathetic life

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Surprise! It's a Working thread! Post your favorite Working right here!
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You can only pick one.
I liked Souma. But he stayed undeveloped and stale the whole series.

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