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Mai thread
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>not falling in love with the handsome warrior from the future
Because present Trunks will end up with the better girl, Pan.
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So who's excited for the NGNL movie?
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>So who's excited for the Reddit: the movie?

Not me.
Second season? No? Then fuck off cause I don't give a shit.

Can someone explain this fight to me. How could she possibly do anything to him. It's so one-sided this can't even be considered a fight.
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shut up and wait for more ecchi

But questions are fun.

Like, how could she carry that thing around? Even if she has a strong arm, she obviously does not have enough leg muscle to support the weight of that pole or the car.

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More like Flop Psycho 100
Not adapting best girl part = FLOP
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Mangafags in a nutshell.jpg
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What is this supposed to imply anyway?

Both Teru and Body Improvement Club members = GOAT characters

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Why is Kaiji-san the sexiest male character in anime?

Why is he so perfect?
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Greatest MC of all time. Name a guy who can beat him. protip: you can't
Kaiji is a born loser. He's the king of all losers. But being the biggest loser, he loses it all until he has nothing left to lose, and then from this position he wins big. That is why he is great and actually a winner, he's such a loser he's a winner. Of course he squanders it when he does win and the cycle repeats.
He's great. 10/10 would buy a beer for

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Chaika was 5 years ago.
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I miss chaika :'(
It's 2019 already?
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>you will probably never witness another chaika thread in your lifetime

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I heard some rumors saying that /a/ isn't actually all that smug anymore. Is it true?
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Haa !? What are you guys talking about, this place is fucking smugfest

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Which team wins in a fight to the death?
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Is there any meaning to this seemingly random assortment of characters?
I would have to team a cause of zoro chorollo
I don't think there is any world in which team A would lose.


All of these are pretty obscenely powerful, and deermud/meguca/kekyoin are near write-offs

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>okaasan will never reward you for passing your exams
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weird coincidence: >>144970947
>not allowed to post in other threads
>Kanoko will never voice an anime

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Just gonna try and finish everything now since I have some time to try.
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Chapter 25


"What in the world caused Tenma-senpai to become an invalid angel..."
"There's probably a major reason for it"

"The reason we become invalid"
"An enemy..."

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"The reason..."
"Is a demon?"


"So I have a question"

"No matter how fun the pleasures of the lower world are, that shouldn't be the only reason why Tenma-senpai would become invalid"
Oh my oh my~

"I think a demon got involved in this!"
"I see~"

"Do you happen to know anything about it?"
"Let me see..."
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"I do know of one!!"

"D do you really!?"
"Yes. And about that"

"You should definitely come to our classroom after school" [TN: Emphasis on 'definitely']
"I'll let you meet that person"

"And that's what she said so I came but..."

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Be honest /a/

Would you a girl Ranma?
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If you stick your dick in Ranma's vagina, then splash water on her to turn Ranma back into a guy, what happens to your dick?
I would a girl Ranma. I would very hard.
Curses, foiled again.

I'll get you next time, /a/!

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If their child is supposed to unironically save the world then why aren't they being forced to breed ASAP? Seems silly to wait
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They're too young.
She's a middle school loli. What do you think?
But people are dying

Can't think of any serious contenders.
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Not even best girl in her own show.
I like her too though.
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If girls don't poop then what are their rectums for?
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My dick.

Anymore questions, Satan?
It's the hole they use when they don't want to risk getting pregnant.

>walk into class
>see this
What do?
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Try to become her friend.
She probably has none and gets bullied a lot.
>"Wait, I don't go to school!"
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