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Which was better End of Evangelion or the series ending?
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EoE universally.
EoTV felt more personal.
EoE looks nice and that's about it.

The hunt for the evil lion man continues. There seem to be quite a few shows with a small fanbase like this this season. It's pretty comfy but kinda lonely with only 20 anons posting.
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Map of Endora.
If lion is the final boss then I would be greatly disappointed.
No we have some lizard guy now that will lead to something bigger.

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Which one is better?
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Which one ripped of what again?
The Asterisk War SUCKS!!!
>God tier OP
>MC and the main heroine kiss early on and get in a relationship
>MC gets emotionally and physically tortured just so he can get engaged to her and still wrecks shit of the strongest fighter in the school after going through it
>S-Sorry, Claudia, I won't touch your tits

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What was the theme of this besides fanservice? Don't give up? Dictatorships are bad? I've heard people say there's more to this show and I don't see it
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Seriously? It's literally right in front of you. Look at the image you posted.
Fight against fashcism.
It's all about staying true to the path you see before you, to not falter, to not stray and most of all to not loose your way.

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Upcoming Bikini Warriors OVA information:

32 minutes
Releases this fall
Focuses on Valkyrie, Hunter, Cleric, and Kunoichi

Franchise status = not ded
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Hopefully best girl will get a bit of screentime, at least.

Though softest blondie is enough to keep my attention.
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>32 minutes

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His dick was
He was a young gay clown.
no, he awas a fitness instructor

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would you date a clock?
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No but I'd fuck one.
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Thanks but no.
I'd marry that clock.

God tier:
Shokugeki no Soma

Great tier:
91 Days

Good tier:
Alderamin on the Sky
Love Live Sunshine!
Amaama to Inazuma
Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan
Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!

Meh tier:
Qualidea Code
Regalia - The Three Sacred Stars
Masou Gakuen HxH
New Game
Time Travel Shoujo
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast

Shit tier:
Mob Psycho 100
Taboo Tatoo

MC is retarded tier:
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New Game
Binan Koukou
Fudanshi koukou
Kono bijutsubu

I want to see great but it's not great
Ange Vierge

Naria girls
Hatsukoi monster

The rest is not worth mentioning

Cheer Danshi
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>Rate this season
>includes ReZero
This shit triggers me,
>still watching
>might re-pick
New Game
91 days
>can confirm they're garbage
>not worth a shit
the rest

Why aren't more people talking about this? This show is great fun. The girls are cute, the scientists are all likeable based lolicon Franklin and it's surprisingly historically accurate.

Even if you study physics, you never learn (most of) the history behind it. I was surprised to learn that Faraday had no formal education and was just a poor blacksmith's son. But apparently that's true, as well as Faraday publishing Davy's work without permission, and Davy's wife being a huge cunt.

So what's your excuse, anon? Why aren't you watching this fun, educational series?

I want to do mean things to Mari.
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CmrShrRUcAA-j_Q.jpg large.jpg
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>Why aren't more people talking about this?
Because they're busy sperging on THAT other show.

I'm watching MariWaka but on my own time and it's mostly because Aki and Minako (all of Sphere, actually) are in it

The show's kinda cute btw
More Americans will come to talk about it if the scientist of the scientist of the week is a famous American.
Because the artwork is really shitty

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which one would you bully?
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the retarded one
that's just mean
I'd bully Muse with my penis.

Where can I get my own loli Yatori?
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i hated the last ep tbqh
>an episode without princess
Are you a wolf?

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The upcoming adaptation is going to be good right?
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It is.
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Dunno, nothing has been shown yet. Have faith in Production I.G.

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We got an updated one of these? Because I.G is probably the only one here still in Top Tier
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>top tier

Yeah, that's why I said this has got to be updated
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From the thread about White Fox.

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Shaft sure nailed it again with March Comes In Like A Lion.

PV is announced to hit the Madogatari event in September before it starts airing in October on NHK.
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Character designs are pretty lovely.
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So this show is pretty much AOTS, right?
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Fuck those alien looking bitches.

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>all female cast

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