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What is the secret to SAVING EVERYONE?
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transtemporal introspection
The shounenest of protagonists.

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Why didn't you stop it?
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>mfw not even salad redeems this piece of shit series
but isnt she a kid. did she steal her dads eyes
But she'll damn well avenge it

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What went wrong?
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Nothing for once.
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Pure anime kino

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What are some of your favorites from the golden age of anime?
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Angel's Egg
Wicked City is probably my favourite.
The visuals are possibly my favourite of any anime ever.

Fucking BD when, Madhouse?

Also any classic anime BD released in the last months?
nice rec thread friend

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Which side would you rather have as a harem?
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Team A has Mikoto so it's an automatic win. Momo and the girl from death parade are nice too.
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definitely left

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censor that filth
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Well at least it isn't technically a copy/paste

unrelated: has anyone else seen "via" as half of their captcha 50% of the time today, or is it just me?
Jun going to protect her all night

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Please describe this teenager.
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my waifu

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How does it compare to other shows of the same genre?

Does it stack up to newer stuff?

What do you think of First Assault Online?
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It's easily the best cyberpunk series anime has.
>Psycho Pass
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I think it's still better than a lot of shit that comes out now like, generic Moetrash.

FAO is pretty good for a free game, I wished they would focus more on hacking and tech rather than the combat.

Amaama to inazuma thread
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Will Kotori ever get what she's REALLY hungry for?
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>tfw watching this while on a diet
I want a fucking donut

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So I watched Adolescence of Utena for the first time last night after watching the main SKU series twice. I absolutely loved it, one of the best TV shows I've ever seen.

Why does /a/ talk about Eva nonstop but I never see any Utena threads? I actually think Utena might have the deeper characters between the two and the execution is miles better (in that it doesn't fall completely apart). The animation is generally worse though.

Also Anthy is such a fucking bitch holy shit. Why am I so in love with her then?
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Also this is hands down the best clip show episode I've ever seen.
Anthy is great and genuinely did nothing wrong.
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I will agree that Anthy is great, but she clearly did a shit-ton wrong.

Actually when Utena started apologizing to her during the attempted suicide the first time I watched I thought it was a load of bullshit. On the second watch I picked up more on why Utena is actually a pretty shitty friend to Anthy in a lot of ways.

Everyone in this show has such fantastic character development it really blows my mind.

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Why is this allowed?
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>thiqq asuka

my penis cums pleasure i am russia
Why are you allowed make a thread.

>Post bad guys who did nothing wrong
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>never killed innocents
>earnestly wanted to make the world a better place

Checks out

Any harems with an actual True Harem End?
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Tons actually. They're just not as always popular and usually executed poorly due to lack of proper development.
Fujimura-kun Mates was damn good. Read it anon, it has possibly the best kind of True Harem Endings.
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Do you like it when a genderbending story has the protagonist become a mother?
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Ranma would make best mother
I love it.

Now direct me to the sauce.
That's from entrans. You can find it on sadpanda.

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Pics are here boys

>Yuma BTFO
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Ikoma's team mates not lookin too hot

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