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Why do people like this show so much? I mean I guess it can be creepy and atmospheric at times but the fact that there's no coherent story really ruins the series for me. I shouldn't have to read a 12-page description to know what's going on.
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If you can't understand the plot then watch it again and if you can't get then....watch it again.

People who are too stupid to no understand it have to resort to reading outside material to get it. It isn't fucking rocket science kid.
Lain is not for sexual.
Haven't seen the animation, but the manga was terrible.

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What did he mean by this?
Is being raped illegal in Japan?
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Sauce please?
As much as a meme it is in the US, victim blaming and shaming is amped up to eleven in Japan. If you think you're in the right by yelling at that guy groping your ass on the train to stop, you got another thing coming.

Or maybe I watch too much anime.

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Reminder that Kyoani is /a/'s favourite studio and if you don't agree then you are a crossboarder.
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2/10 you at least deserve a reply.
>/a/'s favorite

Maybe in 2008, not anymore.
But he's right. Not even Shaft/Trigger get as much attention

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>MC is an otaku
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>3 episodes in and it's still not fun to watch

otaku MCs are usually a good sign

>TWGOK (before the goddess arc)
>Genshiken (the first one)

something about it having flawed MCs making a series interesting
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>Genre: Harem

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Why isn't your waifu /fit/?
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Spends too much time in the lab
Because I'm not a faggot so I'm not attracted to masculine features.
Why isn't YOUR waifu fit?

She seems pretty scrawny to me

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local woman ruins everything.jpg
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ITT: Post characters who did, in fact, everything wrong.
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She had an STD, if fucked with her brain.
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>mfw puritans

There is literally nothing wrong with orgies. Don't knock them until you have tried them.
>nothing wrong with orgies

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Which is the best gimmick of the year? Please cast your votes.
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Erased was absolute trash, at least Re: Zero is entertaining.
Both have shitty writing and bland characters but at least Re is so bad it's good. Erased is just trash
Re:Zero is probably the first time the le whacky and insane villain was amusing for once.

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ITT: Girls being perverts
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I wonder who could be behind this degenerate post.

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How would you react?
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Fate is too boring to get an American adaptation
American live action would be perfect for strange/fake desu
They should do an American grail war with original characters only.

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ritz 2016-08-03.png
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Well, all is right in the world. Ritz updated her blog with a sumimasen and some answers to questions.







Also issue of the release this week as usual at the last minute ...
The last time also Toka or different color of thinks and socks and was completed all
Toka or wrong is back Dora display tiles of Hon'nai's of the previous times
Fixed in the various book. Excuse me.

Shinohayu is also that have cut six search in the latest story has become a YuzuNozomi's
In fact is Mr. Airi. In This is my designated mistake
Aguri I feel really sorry it means that get healed to the teacher.

Rei -Toki- of background selection and interviews or name of the first appearance of the person design is conspicuously teacher.
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Some, such as answers to your questions below.

· Shinohayu high 3 Inhai is not a last battle.
The - Shuang-kun was using the first to Pauchikamui is using to animals in order to help people.
- Vol. 15 Takahashi is because of naked was sleeping naked. Become the answer is unlikely.
· Achiga blanket → Not spring of nap of the bloom of the semi-finals has been fixed.
• For the voice actor's selection → Please look at the past of the diary because I also do not know well.
- Characters is necessary all for me. It might also have omitted persons by the playwright's.
Of-red soil teacher responsible subject is information. Chireki I there is also a license, such as, but in the circumstances of the school.
- Bright and I think that it is familiar teacher.
· Mr. Anetai is some sign of the famous players have got already in a two-round before.
Ray's Future Sight and Longhua's cuisine of → Please look at the past of the diary.
Not related to, the pillow God size → KazuRyoten.

For the time being this time in this side ...

I just want to answer gradually I have accumulated quite a question.
It will be seen within a relatively few years system, but I do not answer too much
Just because the answer is not it does not come out in the next few years.
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leaks for the new Saki chapter 163

Boston-chan going to explode again.

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I'll start.

>Generic highschool settings
>complete with childhood friends, tsundere type, and glasses wearing supporting character.
>3 or 4 girls had a crush with MC
>WW3 started, Japan got involved
>the war became a meat grinding stalemate
>Japan need more manpower
>Soon everyone is involved in the war effort in some way
>Japan need more manpower at the front
>but Japan still need the younger generation to make more babies
>Japan adopt policy where every single young men and women age 16 above are to be conscripted into the GSDF
>Point is, anyone who loses the MC bowl got sent off to war.
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Obligatory posts first.
if only Goblin Slayer has a silent protagonist
>MC was an otaku loser, until he won powerball money lottery and became a billionaire
>suddenly many girls realize they love him and start competing for his attention, pretending that they're the perfect waifu for him
>he invests into sexbot company, domestic catgirl bioengineering company, etc.
>desperate girls volunteer as test subjects

Netflix adaptation of Death Note set in America. Gonna be good guys?
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It applies here to faggot
>white people in charge of not appropriating shit.

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>Almost got everyone killed
>Got Goku killed
>Got Trunks killed
>Was gonna lay down and die
>Would've died if Goku wasn't talking sense to him
>Saved by Vegeta

Why is he considered a badass again
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he is not a pure saiyan and was under 15 at that time,defeated a very strong and powerful enemy that even his father couldn't
>Not asking the right question.

Why is this show considered a badass again?
Trunks didn't die you fucking idiot.

Anime of the year? /a/ your opinion?
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Here is your containement thread: >>145129124
>not as good as the manga
>painfully slow pacing
>dimming in every other scene

Sorry, Ushio to Tora wins this year.

Is this show good or just a meme?
Watched the first 6 episodes, when does it get good?
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Enjoy the waifu wars.
It's typical LN trash. The only good things about it were the girl on the left's tits and how hilariously gay the MC was.
season one is average, season two is dog shit. if you don't like it 6 episodes in, just drop it.

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