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What the fuck, this was terrible.
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Thanks, I added it to my backlog.
>1 hour
Shitpost less
>adding "just fuck my life up: the movie" to your backlog

Enjoy your wasted hour

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Why does she have to be so tragic?

I'll be a Toumafag til the end, but Setsuna is literal perfection and her scenes are maximum vanilla.

WA2 thread I guess. Also, powder snow ;_;
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I almost failed to notice this thread.
I mostly agree with you - Setsuna is a perfect waifu material, but Kazusa is still best girl.
>Defending a dorobo neko
Actually she never stole anyone's bf.

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Find a flaw.
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Can't. Nao is perfection.
i haven't seen this show at all, but is she like the haruhi of this show?
Her show had a disappointing end

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i cant take this anymore, pleace /a/ give me some nice spoilers
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Toyota is going to die
Rem is overrated?
he gets butt rape by the black kkk

So did the translators dropped this or what?
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Umaru wa Shitto.jpg
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yes because it is literal gay shit
please dont bully the nugget
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Merch event was friday, C90 official booth.
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C90 booth backdrop
Post more pictures dammit
happy to see honoka part of the group since most of the posters recently were just the 4

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Is there a reason there hasn't been a better anime to date?
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>It's a /v/ invades /a/ episode
W-what are you talking about /a/non? This is something I'm genuinely curious about

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not just A yotsuba thread
We have THE yotsuba thread.
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kys desu senpai
Yotsuba is so 2006 anon get outta here.
In the process of buying all the manga, up to book 7 now.

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Why aren't fluffy tails more popular?
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because no Dog Days season 4
That one critter broke the series?
because the world is filled with cancer and plebs

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ITT: SCs that were actually lowkey the MC
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apparently common in pleb animu

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Why does anybody even care about SHAFT and kyoani anymore?

Last good Kyoani series was Haruhi which was over a decade ago, and last good SHAFT anime was Madoka 5 years ago.

White Fox has released 2 blockbusters in the last 5 years with Steins;Gate and Re:Zero and steadily releases other quality shows like The Devil is a Part Timer, Jormungand, and Katanagatari. Why haven't we hailed our new overlords yet?
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White Fox doesn't release pure moeshit, that's why.
>White fox
Because PA Works is better.

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Why has it taken anime 20 years to create another MC as good as Shinji?
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>as good as shinji
You're right, he's better.

What did she mean by this?
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Why is Futaba so shit? she ruined the whole episode.
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It means soaking up all of Futaba and Teru's young teen juices really works up an appetite.

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Jesus Christ /a/ you told me this show becomes absolute shit after episode 5.

But this fucking episode. WHAT THE FUCK
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Could be worse
>But this fucking episode. WHAT THE FUCK
The part that got me is when they rolled the credits with some sad music instead of having a regular ED.
Like they thought this trainwreck of an episode was so masterfully done that it deserved such a treatment.
Made me understand that the people making this show and the ones unironically enjoying it clearly weren't seeing the same things I was seeing and that I wouldn't be able to enjoy this show any longer.

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I just watched the first two episodes of this and I'm really liking it so far. What does /a/ think?
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I loved it honestly. Great story.
Wasn't a big fan of the second half, but overall really enjoyed the show.
It was 3/5

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