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And no fucks were given by Fumita on that day
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I love Jun.
Well at least that shit arc is over.
It could be a multi-day tournament, we aren't out of the woods yet.

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Would you a sexually frustrated politician?
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She deserves a lovely husband and a better daughter
She its again of islam radicalecchi
Yui Kotegawa and Misumi Rin supports her

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It's out.
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>go on shooting spree
>better dress like a black thug first

What did he mean by this?
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>Arr burakku peopre aruuka da samu!
Perfect cover.
He just did not want to be recognized, and the media would love a black kills japs story so its doubtful they will look to debunk it.

Is she the new Ushio?
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Does she die?

Why is Turn A so weird? This feels nothing like Gundam
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It's happy Tomino and it's great.
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Because it's the best Gundam series together with Mobile Fighter G
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I know, that's what makes it great and actually watchable. It's just a good sci-fi story in general.

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Describe this girl in one word.
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I don't watch shit
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

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What is /a/ opinion on Zero no Tsukaima?
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Cute Shit
Pure garbage that I swallowed by the gallon years ago.


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Choose one.
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Middle. Easy choice
The middle schooler with twintails.

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What did /a/ think?
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Is this a tearjerker anime?
There is nothing in particular that I don't like about this show.
Alright show, it had some pretty weird moments, though.
I also thought the boy she ended up with was very annoying.

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Wish her a happy birthday!
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That JAV slut should have never been born
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Here's a pity (You)
>hating the honk
That's literally worse than Hitler.

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"I promise you. I'll come back for you one day."
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> let me take this medicaments
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Please you're a Radical who wants to kill them just like your husbando

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Chapter's out, no Ichigo or Orihime.
So what does that mean? Easy. This chapter showed up what the protagonist of the Shinigami Side, Rukia, ended up as. Next one will show The human side, so Ichigo + Family, Orihime, Ishida, Tatsuki and co. Also lucky Renji.
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biggest kuboing incoming
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Orihime cute.jpg
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I love love love love Orihime! I want to hug her and kiss her.

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Chapter's out: http://mangastream.com/r/bleach/685/3582/1

Guess who Rukia ended up with and what she is now.
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1st for Lisa!
>Guess who Rukia ended up with
Nobody, she will end up as a virgin
>e-ehehe-hehe i g-gotta post the new thread so i can troll shippers ;^)

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So, what are the predictions for today's Despair episode? The birth of based Izuru? The love triangle's noodle incident that leads to them being expelled?
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When is he going to fuck shit up?
Ryouko's appearance. Call it.
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>Be a Boxer
>become the best one
>get recruited by some drunk man to enter Hope's Peak
>dont really give a shit, but might as well get some education
>meet some grey haired guy and his waifu
>befriend them because nobody wanted to be friends with me
>graduate, finally set for life
>grey haired friend and his waifu want to stay at school to make it better
>don't really want to, but might as well if I want to keep my friends
>chilling on Hope's Peak gate as a security guard now
>some girl kills another one from the Reserve Course and then gets killed
>meh, it is what it is
>random guy from the other course keeps wanting to get into the Main Building next day
>tell him to fuck off
>doesn't listen
>throw him off and talk some shit to him so maybe he'll leave
>tries to punch me, the SHSL Boxer (lmao)
>push his shit in and spit on him
>my friends waifu stops me before I knock him out
>somehow im the bad guy for doing my job.
>Fastfoward some years
>mass murder killers on the loose
>one of them is the guy I punched years ago
>a manlet finds them and we capture them all
>The same manlet sends them off to a vacation before we execute them
>what the fuck manlet?
>get the manlet on trial
>punch the shit out of him for helping mass murder killers
>some fucking guy with a bull mask defends him
>fucking retard, we are going to win the trial anyway
>some stupid bear shows up and makes us sleep
>wake up and 1 of my 2 friends is dead
>my other friend wants the manlet to kill himself
>great, fucking manlet must be behind of this, might as well knee him so he cant move
>some brown bimbo steps up to defend him
>get off me bitch, why is everyone defending mass murder helpers today?
>that stupid animator steps up too
>fuck this, he got here late, he might as well be the traitor
>knee him
>farmer starts mumbling some shit
>dies because he never revealed his NG code
>what a retard
>somehow i am the bad guy

Update PLS

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