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Post your taste and rate others
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anime 3x3.png
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i love that you literally just posted digibro's generic 3x3. still 4/4 though
4/5 Anon-kun
Is Ashita no Joe really good? It have filler?
3/5 for both.

theres some good picks but some dont really provide anything special enough imo to be TOP.

Quick /a/! The Culture Festival is tomorrow and we haven't decided on a theme yet!
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Maid cafe of course.

Um, how about a maid cafe??
A haunted cafe!

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What Got You Interested In Anime?
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Watching DBZ as a kid like 90% of everyone.
Saint.seiyan and DBZ
I broke my back in high school and had a lot of free time because I couldn't do sports and I heard some people talking about AoT so I started watching it and I'm deeply ashamed that it was my first anime now.

So Griffith is pretty much bisexual. He wants Casca and Guts, Casca wants both of them, and Guts...I'm not sure exactly how he feels about Griffith. What a triangle.
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disregarding all your horseshit, griffith was never written to have a simple lust/romantic love towards guts, because miura knew cheap shit like that would just make his story the story of the spurned lover, which is shit, and so are you
I must say I really loved that dream sequence, its so cool.

>griffith has healed up, but cant move, speak, or do anything
>casca takes the obligation of taking care of him become a house lady
>gives birth to guts's child, calls him guts too. Raises him in the same household with griffith.
>casca wonders if guts is still out there, swinging his sword, living by his own dream

Caska doesn't love Griffith. Before she did but after that moment she had sex with guts she was 100% convinced that she loved him

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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tsuruya fish.jpg
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Fish is good for the brain they say
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I don't really like it
but I love you all
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A fish fishes in fish with a fish.

Fishing to confish, she is fished by a pisces ex sakana with the fish's fish. Never fishing the fish fish, she fishingly fishes her, and is overfished to fish out that she has a fish on her as well.

But, the next fish, when she fishes the fishes fish's fishes to the fish, she only fishes at her with a fished fish. After some fish, she fishes out that the fish she fished is not the same fish she fish in fish with. In fish, she fishen't fish in this fish at all. She is the fish's fishenate fish, who has fishen in fish with the fish's own fish, who too is fishfully fish of her fish.

Fishes ensue as the two fish up a fish to fish each other their fishest, most fishate fishes in order to fish the other with the fishes they fish to fish the fish of their other's fishes. While the two fish their fishpective fishes, fish fishes as they fish to fish in fish with each other finstead and fish the NATURE of FISH.

>Fish-Ai! Because, you know, they can communicate only through fish and it's a fish story. Get it, get it?

>[HorribleSubs] Battery - 04 [720p]
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Gou stopped the rape.

>MC didn't report the rape attempt carried out by the vice captain to the coach or anything for that matter
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What's this fag's problem?

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When did you get over this kind of puberty syndrome?

Also, Oregairu thread without waifu war
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Last year of highschool.
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I don't think I was ever on it. I don't remember giving that much of a shit in high school about much of anything.

>Also, Oregairu thread without waifu war
Yui is the best mate. I can't help but praise her.
Never, but it might also be autism, who knows?

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Who is the best Shirou in the entire franchise and why is it Prisma Miyuverse Shirou?
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Who is the best Sakura in the entire franchise and why is it Prisma Miyuverse Sakura?

>Posting non canon bullshit
Who are the best Shirou & Sakura in the entire franchise and why are they the non canon Sakura & Shirou?

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We all know that the elf is cute, but can we talk about how handsome Laius is?
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stupid sexy madman
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Lauis isn't Sexy

He's too cute to be sexy.

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Why did Ram fall for Roswaal but Rem didn't?

Is there something I'm missing?
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love is a misterious thing
Rem has really low self esteem, and Subaru gave her a reason to live
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Okay, but did Roswaal do something similar for Ram? I can't believe Ram would actually think this fucker is hot, so he must have done something.

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Mob psycho chapter 96 (part 3) is done. This one was already spoiled before so there's no surprise.
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BIRDO GO! Did you like Gatchaman Crowds, /a/?
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Yes. Insight was shit, though.
Never watched the second season, but the story and character designs of the first were pits. The music was incredible, though.
>That color palette
>Great designs
>God-tier OST
>Fun characters
It was nice.

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One of my biggest pet peeve in anime as much as i love it is how guns are essentially useless.

you might as well beat the nigger with the stock or butt or the firearm because then at least youd stand a better chance.

Most people just dodge all the bullets or deflect them all and that really makes it hard for me to get into the series.

Very few anime have gotten close to getting guns in a good spot. i guess to name a few would be ghost in the shell, FMA, and trigun.

whats /a/s opinion of guns in anime, i get its for "balance" reasons but thats just being lazy on the writers part
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>good with guns
MC literally matrix dodges every shot. Anyway guns are underpowered because melee weapons and hand to hand combat are way more engaging than guns.
is said did well not that they were perfect trigun was the only other one i could think in which guns were a real threat, just goes to show how little anime actually take them seriously.

i dont believe that, why cant people find ways around getting pass guns? wouldnt it be engaging for characters to have to be more thoughtful of what they do rather than just completely mindless fighting.

not saying they cant fight or use swords its just when guns come into play against swords and fists they are always severely handicapped
Guns are basically Worf in anime.
If they did their job there would be no story so they have to lose to make the opponent seem threatening

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Quick /a/, I need some more ideas to make shitty youth novels with. Help me win that Pulitzer.
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>unlucky loli

After loli sees her parents getting slaughtered by an evil bad bitch wearing a mask, she goes to the police, the police officers think that loli could be a great trap to catch paedos, so they disguise her as a little boy to attract them, for every paedo she captures, the police will work 1 hour to get the masked bitch.

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