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Why is this considered the best anime?
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By whom?
By me
cuz u like it

What's up with subrippers these days ? Is it meming, or are they just unironically that weeby ?
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I guess 'Older brother' wouldn't feel right. If it's just brother, people will easily mistaken him as the older one
Big brother or even big bro works fine.

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When will Hollywood do a live action movie for Berserk?
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Please no, being a Berserk fan is more than enough.
>Griiffith is evil Warlock who lives in castle
>No Godhands
>monsters CGI
>Guts is now female and has to save her girlfriend from the evil Griffith's castle
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>Vidya is Musoushit
>Anime is garbage
>10 years waiting for Fairyland
>Hollywood film with Nigger Griffith and Twink Guts

How would Berserk fans react?

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FUCK, this show is so boring. Does anything exciting ever happen? Why is it hailed as one of the greatest when it is so tedious to watch?
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time to take your adderall faggot
because its single episode is better than your average shounenshit series
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How can people watch currently airing shows? I've just watched up until episode 18 of Re Zero in the past couple of days and suddenly I'm hitting this brick wall where I can't watch any more, and it's literal weeks between episodes. It breaks immersion and flow so badly. Why do people bother watching like this?
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People watch airing shows to talk about them with their anonymous friends on the internet.
nobody enjoys waiting for the next episode to come out.

but nobody enjoys waiting for a good series to finish airing before watching either.

This is a fairly recent issue, seeing as how online libraries, streaming services, and so on and so forth give us entire series to "binge watch" more often these days than even ten years ago.

I don't have an answer for you. You broke yourself by getting used to such a behavior. The rest of us get along just fine.

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Ive known of this anime since 2008 and have read how much of an impact it left with it's viewer. I purposely avoid it because i read that it's a huge feel trip as in there's no other anime that can induce feels like clannad can. I saw the scene where the little girl hugs her dad on youtube and the feels was immense

Some people even say they "haven't recovered" after watching the anime. How true is this? Can people who have seen clannad pls confirm? Im really curious about it at this point
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Clannad is so shit that you will get open wounds within your brain, the blood will clot and parts of your brain will die off

That is what they meant
But i remembered it used to be the highest rated anime on MAL.

Dont pretend you dont go on mal guys.
>rating on MAL

You know what is highly rated on MAL? Pure shit

You know why you go to MAL? To point and laugh and bring back screencaps of retarded opinions so everyone can point and laugh

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Hi folks. My name is Light Turner. Have any of you seen a black fellow who calls himself 'L'?
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Mia Sutton here. Just wanted to say hi.
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What constitutes good taste, late night /a/?
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Good taste means you like the same things that I do.
Objectively true.
This desu.

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I don't know how many of you watched this, but I finally got around to it after hearing how it was one of the best of the season etc. etc. Now I don't know what you guys thought of it but I found it to be shitty pandering and all around mediocre show with foreseeable "plot twists" and a fairly unsatisfying and frankly unfinished ending. I don't know if it wanted to have an "open ending" but to me if it did it utterly failed. But that's just me did any of you see it/what did you think?
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Nice blog
First few episodes were promising, but it got boring fast. The show spent too many episodes detailing side-characters that I really couldn't give less of a shit about. Ended up dropping it on the second to last episode.
Less of a blog more of wanting to see what you faggots thought of it, I could have missed something like I sometime do because I am autistic as fuck.

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Why are male protagonists so afraid of women in anime? Why do they never respond reasonably to women or see the obvious signs they are interested in them?
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Why don't you ask yourself that question?
If they reacted reasonably there wouldn't be a story, it'd just be a porno
What are some protagonists that actually acknowledge a girl/s is interested in them and does something about it without freaking out?

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I wish there were more doujins about Krillin and 18 just having happy, vanilla sex and not Krillin getting cucked or NTR'd. I cry from my dick every time.
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How did this literal bald manlet get a top-tier waifu?
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Best OP
runner up

Best ED
runner up
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Best OP

Best ED
Runner up

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>literally over 20 min of talking in the same location

I felt like it went on forever, especially because they kept repeating the same points just to emphasize the soap opera drama.

Why was this so bad while things like Monogatari manage to be entertaining?
Is Shaft the only ones who know how to do heavy dialogue?
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Monogatari is trash get some taste you chump.
Aren't you tired of this yet? You've been doing this for quite a few days now.
It's like seinfeld, except the comedy is unintentional and cringy

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My sides when I read this hurt so much.
How shit will this be?
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>already planning an entire franchise

Why is it that these types always get ahead of themselves?
Game of Thrones inside of a MMORPG. wait for it.
>It turns out not to be shit, somehow
What would your reaction be?

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Grade A casting desu famiglia
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If it's got to be dubbed, there's not many voices they could have picked that would be better than DaFoe for Ryuk. I'll applaud it.
Live action. Set in America. L is played by a black guy.
At least he isn't black

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