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Are you mentally prepared for tomorrow?
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Probably not
Yes, I've been studying RegEx

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ITT: Moments when /a/ shat itself.
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Is this the spiritual successor to School Days?
Don't have a pic but the part in Code Geass where Suzaku hands a supposedly mindwiped Lelouch a phone and it's Nunally on the other end.
Ty kind annon.

Hello friends

Remember to post, rate and ignore shitposters
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Your collage looks terrible.
flying fuck off
That's fine, what makes it terrible? I've been meaning to change the Hyouge Mono image, but I can't settle on one that suits the series.

Fuck you, anon. Fuck off and die. I never should have watched this.
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Yeah, I enjoyed it too.
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The whole time I was praying that he would take "her" with him, which is the best possible ending when this kind of miserable shit happens. I don't cry easy at all but I was choking like a pathetic little bitch when he left the necklace behind.

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Wow, it really makes you think.
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Megumi's not even trying
And yet she's going to win.
Not really. You picked examples where light haired girls win over dark haired girls and not even surprising since many of those were the main heroine of their series.

Going by that constant, Megumi will win.

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What would your relationship with her be?
0. Tree
1. Waifu
2. Wife
3. Lovers
4. Fuckbuddy
5. Friends with benefits
6. Friends
7. Comrades
8. Best friends
9. Enemies
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I love you, Popura
Rolling for 9

C90 starts next week /a/, are you excited?
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Man, Hinata looks really old
If I was a talented artist I'd draw porn of the leaked Pokemon 7th gen starters brutally fucking some chicks

Like shit so brutal it'd make the original Faithful Tepid look tame.

And Nintendo couldn't do shit about it without confirming those starters a real.
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>liking fanart

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Let's go, JoJo!
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where are you guys
Waiting for the translations nigga
Bandannas always mean shit is about to go down.

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Why is she so perfect?
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Worshiper feedback

>Aqua-sama brought good fortune and unforgettable friendships. Everyone should join the Axis cult
Cause she's a literal goddess
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>when he says he prefers megumin

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The protagonist of the last anime you watched has been replaced by pic related

How's your show now?
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It doesn't matter.
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Not /a/ related, fuck off.
None of this matters.

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Is he right?
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Don't read Kotaku, retard.
Remember, these guys have a job writing about anime while we sit around and post actual good opionions for free.

What are you hoping or expecting from Little Witch Academia TV?
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Good, clean fun like everything that came before. Flesh out the new trio a bunch more. Good production values. Eye smears. More than 12 episodes. Episodes from Imaishi and Kobayashi.
Good OST.
Diana shenanigans.
That's it.
Full frontal nudity

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>tfw realizing TLR:D is unironically the greatest manga currently being published

It's actually pretty sad when you think about it.
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Well yeah only because Nisekoi ended this week.
But Nisekoi has been shit for years anon.
Yabuki is just too skilled with his drawings.

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How does it feel to know that Monaca will outlive your favorite character?
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Monaca is my favorite character.
Monaca ends up as the next Junko and then gets despair'd herself, so I don't really care.

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Just finished Fate route here and I'm a bit confused. Hope some /a/nons could clarify this.

So I got spoiled that Saber dies/fails in the other two routes. Then what happened to her? So I know that she carries her memory from Fate/Zero, which means that time is linear on any given route. Say she is kill in the middle of UBW/HF universe. Is she:
1.kill for good in that universe
2. jump back to whatever limbo she is, waiting to be summoned at other time period (but in the same universe)
3. jump back to limbo, then got a chance to redo the route (essentially jump onto different universe over and over again until she gets Fate route ending)
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Good question! Honestly due to the limited information we have about how multiple universes work the Type-Moon I'd lean to it being 2. 3 is a valid thought though while 1 is almost certainly incorrect.
As far as we know, each route is its own separate universe, so she'd just be summoned the Grail manifests in that same universe.

3 is extremely unlikely, because otherwise she'd know everything about the 5thwar by the time she reached the Fate universe
Except EMIYA.

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