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>Goku you will die in 3 years from now and you wont be able to fight the Androids
>you will from a heart disease
>here takes this medicine it will save your life
>3 years passes
>no one even thinks about gathering the Dragonballs and wishing that Goku to be immune to diseases
>therefore Goku gets sick mid-fight

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No reason to call the dragon for that shit.
Trunks gave him pills so he wouldn't get heart cancer, but goku is a dumbass so he didn't use them.
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Zangya is love
Zangya is life
Zangya is everything
Zangya is a miracle of the universe
Zangya might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
>>you will from a heart disease

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>There are people on this board, right now, whose favorite anime isn't NGE or DB/Z.

How can you allow this?
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Because Detective Conan is better than both of those.
Fuck off to >>>/v/
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>there are people on this board, right now, who's favorite anime isn't TTGL
How can you allow this?
But thats just some retarded niche show nobody remembers anymore.

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She is the perfectest hybrid.
Try to prove otherwise.
You can't!
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She is the perfectest.

Overrated Whore Hooker Slut bag of semen and crap
>down syndrome
I wish the Nazis would have gassed her.

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Why's /a/ so obsessed with NTR? What got everyone so much into it?
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meme fetish
Because vanilla usually sucks while NTR adds a spicy spin to it.
Also nothing feels better than the good girl/bad guy pairing.
Also corruption themes and shit about the girl being taken by the worst scum, willingly.
It's freaking everywhere, and the plot is always the exact same shit.

This is your magical girl for tonight.
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Can't I get the br hue hue instead?
If you enjoy being cheated on.

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Accelerator on the front page!
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I wonder what his next arc in the novels will be about. I assume he will just chill until Crowley yanks his chain for the final keikaku? I suppose he could have a Kamisato faction mini arc considering he did take them on and Salome seemed to promise him that she'd be back to fuck with Last Order. But then again, I think nothing much will come of that
I swear if this nigga keeps jobbing to robots. Those robots better have been half magic or some shit
If Estelle was involved in the theory of making the robots, they are part magic

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pantu sama.jpg
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Explain why this anime is so good.
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She sees your dick.png
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Ayame a shit
As per usual, Silver was the best girl.
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The best part.

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a floating starfish?
Here we go again.

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Welcome to /a/, what will you be having today?
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I'll take a yuri mahou shoujo, hold the suffering, extra lighthearted fun, please.
That's not my name you cunt
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i cant see shit.jpg
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I can't see your menu board can you read it out to me please?

Mines Mines Mines
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Will we ever read the end of the series?
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Sadly, nope.
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Don't look anon.
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Oh yeah, that's the stuff
She enjoyed it.
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griffith chan.jpg
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Poor girl can't compete with best boy. No wonder her mind broke.

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what the fuck did I just watch
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Jpeg-kun and Artifact-san's Adventures in Ruseland
Unintentional comedy gold.
>that scene where the kid gets crushed by a pillar

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Is Raku the worst MC in the history of anime?
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No because he actually chose the best girl
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PSA: this is the only decent show this season
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>badhouse LN adaptation

I like it a lot.
It's nothing special but it is pleasant to watch.
Madhouse almost always does a nice job elevating average LNs with their adaptations.

Agreed. No real QUALITY so far and I find the story interesting.

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Stop forcing this meme manga
Gasoline isn't flammable
Gasoline can't melt cave beams

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