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Can Hibike! S2 make up for the shit that's called Phantom World?
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Phantom World made up for Hibike

Eat a dick.
Hibike sucks shit

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How does one quit armpit fetishism?
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You probably don't.

Just stop masturbating so much.
you don't.

it's too good
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you mean like voluntarily?

can people even do that?

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Is there anything in this world more beautiful than a businesswoman willing to provide for her cute and loving househusband?
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>that artist
I don't trust any of this
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>I don't trust any of this
You're right not to trust any of this.
It ends in NTR
Was that his girlfriend before he met the one in the OP?

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Haven't seen a Kingdom! discussion in a long time. The astonishing world and character building alone makes it one of the greatest and most well-thought out seinen mangas of all time. Based Yasuhisa Hara dedication to his series is unparalleled, so let us pray together that his back doesn't break and rejoice in the greatness that is Kingdom!
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Also, post your favourite general.
First for Renpa, the unsung hero
Ya boi
Kingdom is the best ongoing manga.

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It's pretty good although the writing style is awkward.
It seems like the author literally wrote out the thoughts that came to his head.
And the japanese have a weird way of thinking with a lot of "Hmms" and "Huhs" in their heads.

Apart from that there is much talk about panties, and friends, and little girls, and vampires.

I've seen Bake, Nise, and Kuromonogatari
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Are there proper translations for this? or do i have to learn chinese?
>reading a translation

Well no shit it sounds awkward
The hmms were mostly filler words in Japanese.

There's sadly just not many good ways to translate them into English without including random noises you can make with your mouth, like 'eh?' or 'huh'. But then you risk making the speaker sound confused/surprised/etc. instead of just contemplative.

Some more variety would have been nice but I can understand the lack of it.

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Come discuss everything GitS related.
>3rd Gig when?
>New hollywood movie
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3rd Gig was called Solid State Society, /a/non.
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That was a movie. Not a season.

More anime girls should wear collars. It makes a female character design automatically better.
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Orange a shit. A SHIT.
>it makes my dick automatically harder
I can't deny that. I cry a little almost every day because it's such a rare trope.

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English scans are out:
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>A trading company called Alibaba
Sounds familiar desu.

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Why is Krillin wearing a Tacos T-shirt?

Can anyone explain me this?
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He likes eating tacos.
Cus tacos are soooooo yummy.

And hesthe george castanza of the group.

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>translation says "it can't be helped"
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Well, it can't be helped.
Unlike the translation your shitty thread CAN be helped!
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wtf i hate op now

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Post heroes that lost to time.
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this is an ojou-sama thread
post ojou-samas
discuss ojou-samas
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Do you even drills?
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Creature thread
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Show me this creature's mating dance.
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christmas creatures
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slav creatures

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So, childhood friends.
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bahamut was awful
Bahamut is great

Need S2 for more best girls

Is it me or is there a lot more memesubbing in the 'official' subs this season than usual? How is this acceptable?
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Lack of competition and passion drives quality down eventually.

It's the future anyone who supported CR/Funi chose.
This is what happens when you let retards that think they're funnier than the actual writers of the show do localization. Same shit happens with video games.

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