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>decided to start watching szs last week
I feel like I've missed something all these years.

This is the first time in years that I've felt like watching a series is something I look forward to doing, rather than a chore. I want to read the manga from start to finish just because I don't want this to end and I still haven't proofread anything I've written for in the last three months.

Is this love?
I'm also making this thread because I haven't seen any threads since you know when.
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Watch the series then read the last 100 or so chapters. The series is great, hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Because I know I won't find anything like it.
it's honestly very forgettable
I don't remember a single thing from it other than that one girl who always disputed everything remotely negative and said it didn't exist or was impossible
that always cracked me up
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SZS is so damn good. Every girl is best girl. Though some girls are more best than others. MARIA IS BEST

Can Freyja make Hayate cum with her fold waves?
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No, but she makes him a Demon of Razgriz.
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2016-08-04 20.39.36.png
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She knocked him out.
Probably. She makes me cum and she isn't even real.

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kumiko deal with it.jpg
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more like a post the worst girl in their show edition
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Shinka best Kyoani girl.

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No sakura thread?

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Fuck you, Sakura!
Dumb Sakuraposter.
What's up with manga-chapters still coming out if the anime finished airing 20 years ago.
Literally, I don't even

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ITT: Characters that deserved a happy ending
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It kind of was a happy ending.
He was one of the characters who had to die
Yoshi deserves a better ending

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red hair shank.png
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what is /a/'s thought on this?
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meh.. it's a generic love story. It's alright in it's own way, tho it's nothing special.
Above average shoujo. Average romance. I enjoyed it for what it was.
Actually it is something special simply because the two actually get together which differentiates it from 99% of the "romance" genre found in anime these days.

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Okay /a/ sell me on this.

Is this show actually good or is it only good for the fanservice just like every other shit harem?
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it's only good for the fanservice just like every other shit harem
you definitely shouldn't watch it
You'll enjoy watching it, then /a/ will convince you that you hate it.
Little bit of both.

It's worth watching. Thankfully, you can tell if you like it from bakemonogatari. If you aren't feeling any parts of that series, you can drop it.

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Why are girls who wear collars so erotic?
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I would stick my penis in her collar if you know what i mean
A collar is used in various forms of kinky sex, so it isn't surprising the sex comes to mind when you see one
You sound like a gentleman and a scholar, good sir.

>it's an everyone fellates Subaru episode
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a shrewd negotiator, yes
he deserve something nice.
they're just happy they can engage in the glory of the hunt

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Hey Joey, fill me up!
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Who names their daughter Joey anyways
parents are stupid when it comes to naming children.

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Is nobody seriously watching this? It's a pretty good show, i can see why'd some write it off as fujoshit based on the art, but the show itself is actually funny and hasn't had any gay shenanigans besides this adorable dyke lusting after her busty boss
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It's Fukigen na Mononokean for anyone who was wondering
I haven't watched since episode 3, but I ain't dropped it.
Just haven't really had the drive to keep up with anything but Mob this season.
I might watch it all after the season ends. I'm enjoying the manga, though.

Are they all sluts?
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>you will never wake up to this sight
Their lips are naturally shiny. Sleeping with makeup is literally the worst idea ever.
>Are they all sluts?
At least one of them is a real one.

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Should Naruto Run become an olympic sport?

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It already is at the Special Olympics.
this post right here
/a/ Olympics when?

100m Naruto Run, Endless Eight Marathon. What are other things we can add?

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Would you a clock?
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Dirty dick Dan and I both would.
Only if she leaves her stockings on. Would she?
Seeing as I'm fourth in line, yes, I still would.

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What will she do this week?
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Nothing wrong.

Kill either Seiko, Izayoi, or Ruruka.
Place your bets who will die next episode.

I'm guessing Blacksmith killing self by eating Candygirl's candy to prove loyalty.

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