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I'm not the only one pissed off right?
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about best girl winning? or about the lack luster final chapter?
Who won? The one shot was probably better anyway
I'm happy that this shit is finally over.


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Why won't this show get a S2
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kyoanus shit
Because it would be way too lewd.

Show with the smallest fanbase of the airing season has another episode. Why do people not watch this? It's not fujo.
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I like it, still wandering what Ashiya is, and waiting for the cute girl to join them
I watch this drunk. Has a mellow vibe, why does the loli have a tail though? forgot.
fuck off

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ITT; Anime characters that are LITERALLY you

I'll begin
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You own an S13?
I wish, I'm just an autistic 21 year old loser who works a shitty job and lives at home

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I want Kumiko to lock me in her basement and use me for all of her sexual urges

At first I'm sure it would be awful but after weeks of nothing but being raped by her I'm sure my mind would snap and I'd love existign just for the purpose of being her fuck toy

Some days Reina would come and play checkers with me
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You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.
I am 27
I mean I just wanna kiss her feet but this is cool too

So I just finished reading this pile of shit and I'm curious who thought this was a good idea. The story doesn't even make any fucking sense the powers were retarded and the ending was just like what the fuck.
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Girl is going to die but wants to make a mark on history. Goes full Hitler but gets saved by the power of love.
You sound like you hate Japanese storytelling in general.
No, this story was just fucking retarded.

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Natsuki is my waifu so let's have a waifu thread
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I love my emperor!
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If you want a waifu thread you should put little of effort into OP.
Start with complementing everyone's waifu and start with few waifu questions.
Imagedumps belongs to >>>/c/.

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>get a chapter after 6 months
>dick explodes

I'm not complaining
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Ofcourse not, you will never need that dick.
Who is this jizz wizz?
F cup chan

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What has been the most fun you've had watching an anime in synch/together with /a/?

All the posts claiming there wouldn't be any kissing followed the reactions to the almost minute long one in the first episode was just hilarious to watch
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For some reason, the Glasslip threads were hilarious. The anime itself was terrible, but watching it with /a/ was a very fun experience.
The only things I've ever seen about that show is how terrible it is, can it really be that bad?

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So what do VA's learn at "VA school" in moonruneland? Like, it's just talking, what is there to learn? Be born with a cool voice, then read out lines from the script, like how can this shit be hard? Why are they getting paid so much? Please tell me it is all just a marketing stunt where they pick VA's on their looks so they can then use them to promote whatever show they graciously lent their voice to. I mean honestly anyone can do what they do, why don't the animators just voice in the line themselves, is it a union thing? Like wtf, it's a voice, there are over 6 billion of them on this planet, talk about something common. There are like more voices than air on earth, what's the fucking deal with this.
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Is this pasta?
No, it is a genuine question. What is so special about the VA's that they get paid so much? It is 0 skill, just read out lines. Yet they get paid, by far, the most. Why don't they just go to VA: "you get paid least now", then VA goes "No, I get paid most or I don't lend voice", then they go "Ok, we find different voice, 6 billion available anyway, 110million on this island alone", then VA goes "O-ok, I get paid least".
Why they get paid most though? I can only imagine it is union thing, where union determines who is VA and who isn't and creates artificial scarcity of available voices. Or like i said, maybe marketing stunt, VA not hired for voice really, but VA hired for pretty face to do interviews and for on posters and shit.
Somebodie with more insight please give deeper explanation, I simply not understanding.
Nobody can give answer?

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erm, why does she dress like that?
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To increase manga sales.
Because she's a big girl.
maybe her chest hurts

didn't see a thread up desu

A NEET and a Jew come up to you and ask you to join their party. How do you respond?
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There is a best girl with them so i would join gladly.
>I didn't see a thread up
So you're both blind and stupid?

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Please tell me he'll die a horrible death later.
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Actually... yes.
He's not that bad, no need to blow things out of proportion.
no need to be exploding with such rage op, your hate for fatty will blow over soon im sure

ITT: Cool fanart
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Is there a name for this character type?
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Best girl
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