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>Woman is older than the man
>Woman is taller than the man
>Woman earns more than the man
>Woman is over 25 but somehow never had a boyfriend before
>Woman drinks
>Office clothes

Can we all agree that this is disgusting and needs to stop being a thing?
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It turns me on, so it can keep being a thing.
Why are you so scared of perfect women you fucking coward.
What are you, some angry fujoshi?

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Why did I love this show so much /a/? Marathon'd it really quickly because I couldn't get enough. Finally episode was just fantastic.
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Because of Yume's butt.

Show was fucking garbage
Plot didn't go anywhere, 70% of the series was crying about Manato.

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Let's have a Vampire thread.

Just finished Vampire Hunter D, the 2000 version, and it was fucking amazing. The animation was really fluid, more than most action anime these days. Also been a while since I've seen a good tragedy.

Kiss-shot's allowed if they don't bite
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Don't forget that fucking soundtrack.
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85 had some interesting visuals too.
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The OVA is actually much more sweetened than the novel, so it's not that tragic.
The ending song was GOAT.

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pic related for obvious reasons
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I'm 14 episodes into this and it's still super fucking generic and by the books shounen.
I don't think I can watch 148 goddamn episodes of this.

The soundtrack is awful too
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>The soundtrack is awful too
I stopped halfway but I will pick it up later. I completly lost interest in one piece after about 18 episodes

Did DBS ever bring something new to the Dragon's universe?A new concept?I'm not talking abut the mangas and series only.
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Gave Vegeta some development. Beerus and Whis are usually cool. That's about it. You could blame a lot of the negatives on Toei, though.
>Gave Vegeta some development

But we already had that my friend
We got a new hair recolor and a frieza palette swap other than that, no.

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why do everyone likes Barakamon? It promotes child violence which is BAD and illegal. Don't tell me you like to see children being violated too /a/
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>"child violence is BAD and illegal."
>shows a gif of it anyways

Also, where the fuck do you think you are?
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Take it easy nigger.jpg
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>its been 2 years since they showed this
It seemed like only last week that I was watching this with /a/, boy does time fly. Also posting best girl.
Based on how close his feet are to the ground, and how low his hand goes to reach, he clearly is pulling that thick cushion up from below the floor or it's popping into existence just so he can throw it.

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who's your Baiku
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Hane is the cutest and a miracle of the universe.
I agree.

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Nepgear is not a murderer, you are.
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I'm with nepgear.jpg
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Poor Neptune always being falsely accused
She Did nothing wrong
Planeptune is already great

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First for Doughnut man.
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happy yasuho.png
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Yasuho makes me happier than Gappy
why does araki feel the need to kill so many dogs?

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Loli getting tortured.
Lack of lewd this chapter, so basically its shit.
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I'm just glad he is back.
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Lucy getting called for the slut she is, as usual
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Tortured? Hardly.
I spend a lot of money on drugs to lose my sense of self, anon.

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It's been a long time since we've had one of these.
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I wish you a merry Christmas, Anon.
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good day.png
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What are the chances of this getting a season 2?
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0, Twelve Kingdom didn't get one.
But this is more popular then it.
What makes you think that?

Defend this.
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Shes a pure candy maiden
I won't

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Why are so many girls in this series so goddamned fuckable?
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ToG ?
Alphine makes me hard. With that little collar, she's ready to get dominated.

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Remember to rate others.
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Okay I guess

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What's the blonde (bottom left) and the purple horse (up left)

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