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What is this face trying to convey?
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>the feeling of green peppers inside
Desire to accept father's semen
Green is my pepper

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Which KyoAni girl is the sluttiest?
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haruhi dated 10 men before the start of the series. fucking slut
daily kyoanus circlejerk

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ITT: the moment when a manga became 10/10
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remember then he was into human
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This was the moment where I finally picked up Sidonia.

The threads were great.
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TFM - 142-017.png
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What's sex with pikari like?
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Liking having sex with a muppet
She'd say "UPYO" each time you thrust into her.

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What is the most generally agreed-upon interpretation of this movie? It seemed fairly straightforward, but I often see memes that detail the still-unplumbed recesses of this movie's supposed "depth" Discuss.
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1. It's an elaborate "fuck-you" gesture to the audience
2. It's an abstract audio-visual metaphor for NEET depression.
Shinji jacks off SUDDENLY deus ex machina and world death and reincarnation.

Let's discuss why Kaworu came back to console his tattered ego.
Didn't Anno basically admit he was off his rocker and it doesn't mean anything to anyone sane and only made sense to his own fucked up consciousness?

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I can't access Exhentai.org at all. I just get sadpanda. I can't even get to a login screen now, it's like the site's down.

Anybody else?
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It's working for me.
That's because you're an ignorant casual using the extension to gain access.
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It's working senpai

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It's been 8 years since Mx0 got canceled
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Too soon Anon, I still can't talk about this
So much potential...

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Manabi Straight
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Shitty Air Gear ripoff
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Watched it for the Aipon and considering I only heard people talking about it in the context of Manabi line, it was much better than I expected.
I actually enjoyed this anime a lot more than expected.

ITT references to western media in chinese picture shows
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Shawshank redemption? Good taste.
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Edgetube got a new update
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he likes it!.png
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Finally. I need more edge in my life right now.
>that is exactly why you got NTR'ed
>you cuck

These fucking translators.

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Yakusoku no Neverland second chapter is out.
Mama is a cute
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Pretty good. Hope it survives.
Wait, it's missing the last page!
Dump it fagt.

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Evil Sister.jpg
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The new Season will be called BBK/BRNK Hoshi no Kyojin (Giants of the Star) and will continue where the first one left. I remember the Comfy Threads back in January for this Underrated Show.

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Great. I thought the first one was fucking awesome.
It's always the shit shows. Just great.
Nice, a confirmation. Hopefully the CG gets better frames.

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le malcolm anime man.jpg
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I wondered what the anime from Malcolm in the Middle was for years so I googled, this is pretty hilarious
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nothin personnel kid.webm
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>an anime about reincarnated Inca warriors
So is it any good?
That's not a hood, that's his hair

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I'm late. Who else is waiting the (presumably) last chapter?.

I have been marathoning this manga in the last week and oh boy, the last chapters were intense as fuck. The art was top notch as well.

Make your bets, who shall win?. It seems like everything's decided, but is it really?. Let's discuss this before the conclusion.

Personally I think sue's the most appropiate partner, but there's a possibility for a plot twist. It would be kinda sad if he turned out gay, but the possibilities exist. Is sue really in madarame's mind, and not hato like angela said? Will sue turn madarame down and suggest hato?. What do you think?.

> Never read the manga

The anime ended at ch ~85 of the manga.
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I think from previous threads the raw is already out and sue won the madabowl.Its not the last chapter though.

Ah, that's true. B-but I can't read moon runes.
I cant into moon myself. I guess we wait, havent see the raw either.

"The gentle spring sunlight warms your body. You hear footsteps and familiar voices in the distance.Your eyes feel heavy."
> ...
- Close your eyes
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Why don't people think Aigis is the canon love interest again?

Because Yukari is the Lovers Arcana

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