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Would this have been better?
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>Hey this character doesn't look edgy enough
>just give him a dumb eye patch

Not the design desu. I'm referring to prototype
this is teenage dante-tier

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Lewd Anna and Okuma.png
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This is a sexual deviant and a beta male
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>This is a shitty anime
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There's nothing wrong with being beta. The only reason why it's seen as wrong is because 3DPD whores don't like it.

Good thing we have delicious 2D, who deem kindness and virtue desirable traits rather than worse than being a murderer.

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>more than friends, less than lovers
Definitely Wakamoto's best performance.
How's the anime compare to the manga? Good adaptation, leaves stuff out, makes stuff up?

I might agree, but it's such a big joke that it's hard to take seriously as someone's "best performance." He really sells the whole thing very well though.

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Is Hifumi a furry? Autism and furrydom go hand in hand.
I want to see her raped by a hedgehog man.
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No, she just appreciates all things cute.

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So what does /a/ think of GTO?
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best anime just delete the thread before you ruin anything
Only /sol/ show worth watching

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Good or shit?
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Good: Tomoyo and Kyou
SHIT: kotomi, fuko, ryou, nagisa
can't unsee the eyes.
I want the adaptation of Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Life in anime

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I literally felt a punch to the gut
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Sucks like a hoover
I dropped this rage bate years and years ago, what actually happened in the end apart from rage?
>reading Hanazawa Kengo trash
Why do people do this?

>watch ghost in the shell
>have no fucking idea whats going on

Is there a backstory or glossary I missed
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You're just dumb, don't worry about it.
Wow, that's not very nice.

here you go

Do you like this hairstyle?
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I prefer fluffy sex hair.
File: 1391422560220.jpg (453KB, 2077x1658px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sex hair is best hair but any amount of fluffiness in hair is fine by me.
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beautiful angel.jpg
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Yes, it's the greatest.

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Smoking Maki.jpg
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So why is there no cynical burnout idol comedy for anime or manga? Wakeup Girls doesn't count
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because you can't sell that to retarded otakus.
Idol anime as we know it are only 5 years old, right now we still in the phase were we build the fundamentals of the genre, the first big meta works are appearing now.
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He's never making another anime again, is he?
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Actually, he said something along the lines of "Now when I took a break from making anime(eva), I once again have confidence and strenght to continue making it(3.0+1.0)"
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Asuka is best girl. Debate me.

Wait a fucking minute

How do so many people hate the White Whale if they shouldn't even remember its victims? Wouldn't all memories and traces of the victims vanish from the world like they did with Rem? In that case, how does Wilhelm still remember his late wife? How can people be aware in the first place that the Whale has been killing for centuries?
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It could be that the white whale chooses if it just wants to eat the people or if it wants to erase their existence entirely. Did you see how smug that whale looked after it killed everyone but Subaru? It clearly just wanted to fuck with him. It probably knows more about subaru's situation than he does.
What a cringe-y fucking scene
That's interesting. Haven't really thought of that.

Could it be that the Hakugei also intentionally let Subaru be the only one to remember Rem, since it's a bit suspicious that he was unaffected by a reality-altering ability? That's kind of a dick thing to do.

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What the fuck kind of ending was that?

>Penis-monster wins the Tanikazebowl by turning into a lookalike of a dead girl? That's FUCKED UP, Nihei
>They didn't explain shit about the Gauna
>Why did Nihei suddenly forget how to draw bears at the end? Hiyama looked like a pig half the time.
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Also why is Tanikaze such a boring MC?
she already won before and she looks like Hoshijiro because she is the daughter of placenta-Hoshijiro.

Its not like changing bodies is a concept not properly established in the universe beforehand.

Why do we need an explanation about the gauna? They are to alien to fully understand (thats a concept pretty common in hard sci-fi novels which Nihei gets most his influence from) and humanity attracted them by using higgs energy.
>>They didn't explain shit about the Gauna

well, he have a lot of hints so far.

>Guana leave all pre HIGGS energy civilizations alone
>humans found a guana a 100 years before then discovered higs
>guana was just minding his own business before that.
>they claim the first guana came down to earth in human form.
>maybe to make first contact?

But gauna will be one of these two:

>guana's are a defense system from some ancient alienrace that destroys every other alienrace when they get to a certain point of technology.


>guana's want to make contact with humans the only way then know how to, be absorb them in to them selfs.

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Dat work ethic.png
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>Working until 9 pm
>On a regular office job like graphic design
Is this normal in Nipland? I knew they were overworked but this is crazy. Working until 9 and getting up at 7 (so you can be at the office at 9 again)? Assuming a trip home of an hour, that gives you 2 hours of free time and 8 hours to sleep. That's crazy.
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Welcome to Grorious Nippon!
There is a reason why they glorify their high school years, few responsibilities while still having a taste of adult life.
Welcome to why 90% of anime is set in school

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Oh my, her face is awesome here.
Also, murenase a best mango. A BEST!
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This manga needs more Lanka Big Boss edits.
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Leave Jeb-kun alone.

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