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just finished this series
truly a 10/10, how good is the orginal, is it better or worth watching?
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What do you mean by “the orginal"?
original, sry no excuses
Why would you want to watch the same story that derives into a shitty filler midway through?

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Best girl or best girl?
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Yuuki is best SAO.

But if going by Progressive canon then Asuna is best.
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Best for rape, sure. But we all know best girl was taken before her chance to shine
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sachi in fiction.jpg
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Pantyhose and knee socks shall prevail.
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Stop running away from me anon! Geez!
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Why does she run like that?
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Get your stinky elf stench away from me.
Holy shit.

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ITT:Anime that you're still waiting for its 2nd season
>14 years since season 1 finale
>no season 2
Are you fucking serious?
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Jesus this animu nearly aired TWO years ago.

I need S2 so bad.
Aku no Hana
But the Anime had a pretty okay end. He left. Different to the end in the Manga, but the story was changed anyways.

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Guys...I am reading through Berserk for the first time and it is amazing...but I want to point out something that makes me despise Griffith/Femto as an antagonist.

Let me explain. Guts first attracts Griffiths attention after his victory over Gaszuso, and is forcefully recruited after Griffith wins in a duel, claiming that guts is his and that he wants him. They then escapade across midland for a few years, ending in Griffith and the band of the hawk being intergrated into the midland regular army. Guts and Griffith became close during that time, however Guts became distant from Griffith as he became more known, and ultimately left because he didn't want to be smothered by Griffiths ambition. After guts defeats him in a duel that allows him to leave, Griffith goes spiraling into a depression instantly and does stupid shit like fuck Charlotte which lands him at the bottom of the tower of rebirth for a full year to be tortured. When he is rescued, the first Eclipse event happens and he sacrifices the entirety of the band of the hawk to become a demon God. Griffith even rationalized it by stating guts made him "forget his dream".

This is retarded. Girffith brought the entire situation upon himself by recruiting guts in the first place. He killed every last one of his friends, raped his admirer and betrayed who was essentially a brother to him, and plunged the world into a shitshow because guts made him "forget his dream"...when, again, he quite literally brought it upon himself. It wasn't guts' fault he acted like a dumb fuck after guts left. HOW do you rationalize griffiths actions? HOW do people like him?
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Guts was the only person he ever loved. That's what he means by "he made me forget my dream". The departure of Guts made him completely crazy because he was his only friend. At this point, Guts was more important than his dream. And after the departure, Griffith lost everything he has worked and fought for. He hated Guts for that, when the band of the hawk rescue Griffith, you can see that Griffith wants to kill Guts several times in spite of his handicaped body.

You have to sacrifice a loved one to become an apostle or a god hand and that's why he did it. That was pure revenge and also a total rejection of his humanity. It's like the Count in the first arc, who sacrificed his wife by pure revenge even if he loved her.
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Nobody likes Griffith you've been memed by the oldest meme in the book

>Griffith is a narcissist
>Has homolust for Guts
>Muh dreem
>Guts does basically specifically what Griffith requested and leaves TBOTH to become Griffith's "equal"
>Griffith gets anally annihilated when Guts whoops him in a duel and leaves TBOTH
>Does a stupid, gets impatient, and fucks the princess out of frustration
>Gets rekt by king and torturer
>Gets cucked by Casca when Guts returns
>Blames Guts for all of his failings
>Summons the S&M club from hell
>Muh dreem
>Aloha Snackbars TBOTH just so he doesnt have to live as a crippled cuck anymore
>Rapes Guts' waifu
>Acts like a snobby cunty douche about it
>Raises some stupid city so he can round up plebs for another mass demon rape/slaughter

he's a faggot
I was gonna make a wall of text but I'll keep it simple.

If you had to choose between:
1) Being a deformed cripple that canot walk, use your hands nor talk, with no one being with you if its not out of pity; or

2) Being fully healed and get everything you ever wanted in life in exchange for a part of the dudes that followed you 3 years ago and a friend that ditched you once and is planning to ditch you again.

What would you choose?

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Daily reminder that a little bro belongs to his nee-san.
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>have older sister
>is actually the result of a prior affair my dad had with another woman
>never met her
>meet her on Facebook
>have a small, awkward conversation about 6 years ago
>never talk to her again

Thanks where can I subscribe
Click on the subscribe button on my blog

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What is your opinion of Narumi Takayuki?
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Generic mc #5678
One of the worst MCs in romance/drama anime
Butthurt detected

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O-oi, what the hell is this? I'd have preferred anyone. I'd have rather seen her paired with Sinbad. Aladdin needs to stay single until he fuck like 100 bitches.
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Do you think Sindbad will become the big bad or do you think his character is rational enough to avoid becoming that and become a hero?
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img000010 (5).png
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Honestly it'll probably be Arba, but there's too much foreshadowing in The Adventure of Sinbad about Ja'far killing him to be ignored.
Ja'far is definitely going to turn on Sin sooner or later.

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New season when?
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When I stick my dick in her ass
Hopefully never. Terrible show.
Fat pig was a mistake.

Why is this allowed?
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picked up
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Why wouldn't best grills be allowed?
Tsuruya, Asakaru and Haruhi carried the show.

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This anime was hilarious. Wakamoto as a perverted mascot character really made it for me.
Shinobu dayo~

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/a/, I've been reading this since the start and it's just getting more fucked by the chapter.

Someone explain this thing to me. It's incredibly meta and indirectly fourth-wall breaking without addressing the reader. And then it's also a dystopian story about the human condition, suffering and endless violence.

Help me out, please.

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It's pretty much garbage. But the art's not bad desu.
>It's pretty much garbage.

I'm not very smart so I haven't quite figured it out yet. But what makes you say so?
Last chapter was hard for me to read

I cant handle stuff like that

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>bear meets girl
>not a SoL comedy about a naïve young country girl navigating big city life with her roommate and life-partner, a large hairy Leatherman in his 50s.

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I hope people forget about KumaMiko, so I can use it as an example of my patrician taste in the future.
>bear meets girl
Get the fuck out of here
Girl meet a bear and a sexual offender.

ITT: "Villains" who literally did nothing wrong
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Even Saitama said he was a hero.
To be fair, Garou was well-intentioned in his ends. As usual though, his lot have questionable means to get the job done.
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