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What the fuck was her problem?
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She was a sex slave
>Literally raped by the world for possibly hundreds of years
Gee I wonder
The power of Dios couldn't defeat the toilet witch

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Kaizaki confirmed for future rapist.
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>sweaty autist rape

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Is he turned on by folded Hideyos?
How many chapters do you think it will take for any big advancement? Well they finally confess, then cell phone interrupts, and then they forget and change back as a giant troll by the author.

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Are Nicofags jealous of Nozomi's breasts?
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I know I am.
I'm only jealous of whoever gets to suck her breasts. Instead of me.
I'm a NozoNicofag.

>"I intend to live on for a hundred or a thousand years—in the hearts of my countrymen, in the spirit of Japanese swordsmanship!"

Why has this not been made into an anime series?
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Lurk more
anyway, is the manga do the novel justice?
It's not faithful

Find a flaw.

Protip: You can't.
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Her VA.
Her vagina is probably sweaty and stinks.

What was with the end clip?
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>Random image grab
It was kino.

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fuck you too
t. Aqua
>young enough to look vulnerable
>mature enough to have sexy curves
>lewd choker brings thoughts of bondage
>loose gown that can removed with one tug
>habit of falling unconcious after spells

Is any character more rapeable than Megumin?

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You fucked it up.
Goddamn I miss this ride

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Season 2 when?
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>i want season 2 of a literal advertisement
Kind of hoping never. It was a drag.
What would even happen that they could draw out into 13 more episodes?

>dad goes to the factory, does the same shit he always did except in front of awkward salarymen
>Hotaru continues to approach orgasm at the sight of cheap gas station snack food
>Coconuts and his friend's sister (forgot her name already, lel) continue to be awkward and not date
>shop is as slow as ever

Don't get me wrong, I'd still watch it, if only for those sexy as fuck transition stills.

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ITT intelligent protagonists, or MC's who aren't fucking incompetent.
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you can't top Ginko
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What the fuck is wrong with Koji Kumeta
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Years ahead of his time in terms of comedy and story telling.
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Also who is best grill and why is it Kukuru?

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On my way to page 10!
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No you don't!
Not so fast anon
Oh no you don't!

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Sunday night is here.

Post gif/webm of dancing animu grills

It's time again to listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our fine crew of little DJ girls!

Link is in the pastebin

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First Korean scans
>Soon expect the raws on raw sen.
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[finish the rest, i'm tired.
>we could have had Meiko revived but instead had 4-5 chairman pages

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So I tried so hard watched, and this for the first second and third and fourth and fifth time but no matter how many time but in the end it doesn't even matter: I cannot find an answer for my question? Is she does (Lain) Anischeral?

I mean, really. can somebody PLEASE help me out for answers..? instead of pushing me away and ansculting every time I try to discover.

This a a show doesn't help me for discifering the story, like a baby crawling in nets of ropes, instead confusing, especially at the end, where in confusing me. All the episodes left me confusing what is real in the show and what is just meraphorical. Does she an actual anischerality, simply or meraphorical for anternal state?

For anstanc elain shows to the equals and to the ones who have lost it a dissconnect? For years I have a belief that such an exozation characterizes her Anischerality, but perhaps after all the dedthes and envents of the show, she instead has become so numb to the nature of such envents that she dodn't connect? Many people say it has does without impact, but I can't feel you there.

Penchance anstead of Lain, of Anischeral, penchance SEL's Lain simply was a symbol to Us that even an society run on Technologues is will be subjective to all the humanity, and the same vices rutines that society has become routine and penchance her development is about breaking the habits?

I feel close as one step closer to solving this mystery. I'm about to break through, any help??
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good thread
/a/ is not your fucking blog
Holy shit shut the fuck up with this ayy lmao autistic lain shit. You've been doing this for like 3 fucking weeks get a fucking life you fucking autist.

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