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Why is this girl so fucking cute?
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should have made Shinka the subject
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no bully
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I'd deko her dess if you know what i mean

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>Character is from Italy
>has a Japanese name
Why do nips do this?
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>from Denmark
>Ryo Kurokiba
Because they didn't want to name him Fettuccine Revolution.
Kekked but still, there's at least a hundred cool Italian guy names they could've called him.

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This shit updated, getting closer to the end.
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Hopefully it's more bromance. I love Risu and Aikawa's chemistry.
Dammit OP, I just saved all the pages so that I could start dumping
Do it nigga, I even posted page 1 for you.

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Does it cause you physical pain?
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Feels good to be Team Felt and watch you autists shit all over each other without making my goddess look bad
A wiki is not hard to edit

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What the FUCK is wrong with these scans?
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I see another victim has been exposed to the highlight of the GTO scans.
Am I the only one who doesn't mind it? It's neat how you can see the original characters underneath and posters who are fluent can easily tell whether a translation is bad.
I actually own all 25 volumes from TokyoPop because when I first started getting into manga there was no alternative. There were very few actual scanner groups.

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If Super is Universe 7, what Universe is GT?
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one of the universes Zeno destroyed
Not canon.
GT is canon. Super isn't.

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Is he right?
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She's not a redhead though.
The picture makes her look red.
Also seems like he doesn't know his directions. That ain't Mugi.
My nigga!

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Why was this allowed?
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Imagine being her husband and knowing you were always third best
>Takashi initated to beat up the bully
>she likes the pretty boy

Women, amirite?
>half russian
>blonde hair
I know right?

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Do Japanese artists learn how to draw differently compared to Western ones? I've noticed that their sketches all seem similar, and don't use the circles-and-lines techniques you see in How To Draw books
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Some older folk got classical artistic education AFAIK. Anyway look up the Manben TV specials if you want to see a bunch of IRL Rohan Kishibes.
A lot of manga-type drawers start out with Andrew Loomis books afaik, so it's not all different. But I notice a huge difference in coloring, more than drawing itself.
I have no idea what I'm talking about, but I suspect that a lot of nips initially learn top draw by copying other manga. That's probably one of the reasons why oftentimes proportions are all sorts of fucked.

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Who is your hentaifu /a/?!
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What's this from?
Lightning Warrior Raidy.
Lili a pure maiden!

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Is Yotsuba spoiled?
Would you spoil her if she was your daughter?
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Yotsuba deserves all the good things in the world.
Yotsuba needs a spanking before she becomes a slutty teenager.
Yotsuba's about as perfect as kids can be. You can clearly tell asagi was spoiled and Fuuka was a forgotten middle child.

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Obscure manga with good fanservice.
Pic related: Gamble Fish
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>cut off my finger with a chainsaw so I can splatter my blood over the playing cards which will make them sticky and you thus unable to do your sneaky card shufflan tricks
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every excuse was good to strip the girls.
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Everyone is captain now
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Rukia for cutest captain of them all!
Looking good Lisa.
Am I a captain?

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We had a thread about american, so why not expand that to fellow non-american characters in anime

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Colette is a French name, though.
What do the japs know
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>Q: What is your favorite BnHA's character? Is it All Might, as we expect it to be?
>HORIKOSHI: I wouldn't say he's my favorite, not exactly. All Might is the most important element of my work and I can't "play" with him. I think very hard about how to write him because I have to choose his words very carefully, revising several times: so I like him, but when I draw him I always think: "how exhausting...". On the contrary Katsuki is the character I can draw without worries. I love Katsuhiro Otomo sensei's AKIRA, and there's a character named Tetsuo in it. He has extraordinary powers and he is a real rascal: he uses his powers like a kid would. I wanted to create this kind of character, that's why Katsuki is psychologically a child, even though he possesses a tremendous amount of power. I guess my readers dislike Katsuki sometimes since he always shouts at everyone, but I have fun drawing him fighting while jumping up and down and swearing loudly.
>Katsuki is my favorite character and personally I have fun drawing him.

Hori thinks Katsuki has the brain of a little kid.
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Of course he has, he and his classmates are kids.
Can you say that Deku, Iida, Todoroki and Momo are the most mature students?
I wouldn't say Deku.

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