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Can we have a thread for cool/messed up/whatever faces?
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Our friends at kyoani are back and more cryptic than ever. Large crowds are gathering around the the studio building. What does this mean /a/. Is season 3 around the corner or something else?
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Haruhi Hunting had it's own general for like 3 months, find something else to use.
I'm a time traveler from 2014.

It's pachinko.
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Hopefully they announce K-On college

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Could Guts's current party have held out through the eclipse?

Will they ever know what happened to take away his happiness Puck kinda pieced together the images of his mind but the others have no idea
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Puck's more mature than he acts. He didn't know Guts's circumstance and even got fed up with Guts's bullshit. Then Rickert told him that he's been acting different since he came back with one arm and one eye.
i guess miura likes the current party
if he makes them all killed it's great interesting
>Could Guts's current party have held out through the eclipse?
Hell no. Schierke is way less powerful than she seems. With no one to protect her for 10 minutes while she's casting spells, she'd be dead meat. Serpico would fair second best besides Guts but he's not the sort of fighter to deal with up close and personal warfare-style combat. Toss him into THAT fray and he'd be torn to shreds in a short matter of time. He just couldn't endure that sort of onslaught. Isidoro and Farnese are obviously worthless. It would be an all out massacre yet again. Just like before, only Guts could manage and with the Berserker armor, the hordes of apostles may very well be incapable of killing him. He wouldn't be able to protect the others though, only his own life.

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who kengo hanazawa here?
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I think he's a terrible hack, does that count?
I'm turning 24 in October and I already feel the existential dread coming over me.

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I've seen two and a half episodes of this show and I really like it but for the fact perfect waifu is fucking fifteen
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fifteen is just a number
calm your ocd
Fuck off, normalfag.
She's huge come on. Were they just trying to flip the age part of seme/uke without changing size why?

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Are you ESL?

Intentional is not the opposite of mistake.

You can do something on purpose, and still have it be a mistake (the wrong decision).

"Anime was a mixtape"
Anime was just a prank

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>tfw not enough delicious brown girls in animu. tell me why?
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Japan hates brown girls
Japanese women even rub skin product on them to make their skin lighter
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It seems you've already forgotten what happened at the end of the Ragnarok series of doujinshi.

If you hadn't forgotten then you wouldn't even ask.
None of your business.
I don't even know what happened.

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Why not?
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Hotaru is lewd.
I want to bury my face on Hotaru's armpits or tits.

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Is it legal to have a butt this lewd?
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That's a cute butt.
25 is the best age.

I haven't been in high school for 10 years. I want more anime about adults.
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Anime is for kids
Come on. I can't be the only one.

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Was he a Gary Stu?
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No, he's more like a lamey poo.

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Bullying thread, anyone?
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Not today evildoer.
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I don't know who told you otherwise but /a/ is a bully free board.
No bullying allowed

I just finished Koimonogatari, he's going to be OK, right /a/? He wouldn't let a little shit like that kill him, right?......right?
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watch hana, its sequentially after koi
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>guy opens the story he is telling by telling you how much he lies
>guy is telling a story
>the story is from his perspective, and he is telling you this story after it happened to him

he died like a cuck

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>Well that was a pretty comfy anime
>I think I'll read the manga
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>I read the manga
Nooooooo!! stop right there & leave it , trust me !!
He raised a girl into the perfect fuck buddy.

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