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Why does the coloring in late 80's & 90's anime look so much cooler than new anime? Everything looks really clean and bright in a bad way now. Just because you go digital doesn't mean you have to make everything so vibrant like rainbow glow effects.
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It's easier to create a good palette with traditional methods, but no clue why so many studios screw up. Over reliance on filters, maybe?

At least there's one upcoming exception.
Explain to me how that's an exception if you're not being ironic, I'm interested.

The colors actually seems interesting but you can see that in few recent anime already, and it doesn't look like cel palette either.

I wish they would back off on the gradients and glows.

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How many episodes of anime do you watch per day?
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Depends on the day. My max is about six or seven episodes a day, my average is somewhere around two or three.
6-7 depending how I feel that day.
Recently like 3-4 a day.

>tfw you will never be able to blast through 13-15 episodes a day again

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Is this show good? Is it the next evangelion or is it another erased?

Also, when you claim that it is good or bad, make examples or bring reasons why it is so.

I just want to know if it is good or bad, and what flaws does it have. I dont want to hear blind praise or just hate.
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It's really bad no joke.
I love the suffering because it felt so real and you could really empathize with Subaru. But it also has a really stupid cycle of "Motivation > Failure > Depression" that has gone around a few times now. I'd rather see a slow, long spiral into insanity. Really mixed feelings, but I think it will at least succeed in being remembered for a while.
Those are good numbers.

>Battery - 05 [720p]

Harada rape tiem
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This was literally the gayest episode of anime I've ever watched
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Why must you lie all the time?
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Homo fetish shit

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Do female eromanga artists think of all the boys that will be getting off to their drawings?
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Doujin where female mangaka meets a fan and has vanilla sex when?
I'm sure at least some of them do. I find it unlikely that all female eromanga artists would be unaware or in disbelief of the idea that male consumers would be enjoying the products of their work in a sexual manner.
I hope so.

What modern anime do you think will still be remembered years from now as one of the classics?
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Not that one
Your mom
What's your definition of modern? 2010 onwards? Remembered by whom? /a/?
Madoka, Tatami Galaxy, Ping Pong, Space Dandy, K-On!, Kill La Kill and the last three Ghibli films

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dude looks like a lady
What did I tell you last time?
An hero, newfag.

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>you will never be able to unwatch Big Order
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Don't open up this wound. It hurts too much.
Hurts like smooth jazz?
how bad could it be?

Alright /a/.

How do we deconstruct the battle harem genre?
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By naming 3 things that aren't jackie chan?
They're actually normal and realistic women.

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Which team wins in a fight to the death?
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Team A
>Best angel
Automatic victory for team B
>Send Amuro out in the gundam!
>he isnt here sir

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ITT: Anime tropes that always make you groan or roll your eyes. I'll start

>Big showdown between protagonist and villain
>Villain has protagonist on the ropes and is about to deliver the coup de grace
>Arbitrarily decides to leave them be instead of taking 5 seconds to finish them off
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reddit tier humor like gintama is disgusting.
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All part of the keikaku
>MC walks in on girl changing/showering

>villain who does shit because it's OMOSHIROI

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>Tatsumi didn't want to drown in Nee-san's glorious tits
>Didn't want to live happily and comfortably with Esdeath, despite the fact she would provide everything for him and would more than likely save his village from desolation
>Didn't want to be fucked silly by Esdeath while trapped on the island with her
>Chooses Mine instead

What the hell is wrong with this man?
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I don't see how you can, with a straight face, pretend to talk about any aspect of this show that isn't giant mecha teigu.

There comes a point where a series shits the bed so heavily that you have to just forget it ever existed.
he was gay. next question, satan

Makes sense, he reacted most when Bullat died.

>Scheele will never give you a cuddle to cheer you up
Why did the best girl have to die first?

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Did /a/ like Love Lab?
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No, hetshit ruined everything.
Yes, /u/shit tears saved everything.
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Would you Medaka's box?
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I would do my best to make sure she's satisfied and still sore the next day.
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I'd rather Naze
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Because it's over

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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Some I guess
Enough to not watch any post Pani Poni Dash! Shaft show
But Shinbou is one of the best japanese visual directors.

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