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You shut your whore mouth. Nausicaa is a wildly overrated movie but it's a damn fine manga.
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Somewhat. When the titular character is an overpowered Mary Sue, it really sucks the life out of the manga.

Spoilers soon(?)
Provisional hero license exams Begin!!
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>my body isn't quite ready for it yet
what did she mean by this?
From the mangaka who brought you Very Obvious But Legally Distinct Kancolle Ripoffs, Milf of Steel Forever apparently has a Bakugou clone.
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Don't they start leaking at around 2 in the morning?

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What's the best Macross and why is it 7?
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Do you feel ashamed when you take pics like that?
god i hope not, that would be fucking ridiculous
Not at all.

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Manga is ending this week.

>Favourite arc
>How many years ago did you start watching/reading
>How do you feel about it ending
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Actually no chapter this week, finale next one.

Started watching from the 1st episode of the English Dub on YTV in 2006, first anime I watched subbed when the english episodes ran out.

It's time's long past so I'm glad to see it go and hope it gets a good sendoff.
It'll probably be out by sunday, so as long as you aren't one of those nutjobs that thinks that's the start of the week and not the end, there will be one THIS week.

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How can rem even compete?
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She can grow a penis and fuck him into submission.
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Ram > Emilia + Rem
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worst but easiest sister.jpg
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Drug him and rape him in his sleep.

Once she is pregnant he will be forced to take responsibility.

I want to hug her so bad ;__________;
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you liar
you just want to feel her up and see her suffer more
I want to take her on a date and then invite her over to my place afterwards to watch Andes Chucky.
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I want to cum on her collarbones.

is his "sister" a male or female

i dont understand

help please
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finish the episode and it clearly tells you
Male, but looks and acts like a female.
His boss is a female while his "sister" is male.

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I'm not enjoying this, something is different
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No narration
worse than usual visuals

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How can I help you, King Dedede?
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I need a monsta to clobbah dat Kirby!
You can tell me how to GIT DAT KUHBEH
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That's what we do best at N.M.E.

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How far would you be willing to go to make you're waifu real?
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Bin Laden far.
Too far, I'd sin so hard to make my waifu come to lifeu.
I'd North Korea.

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What's the most retarded mecha anime you've seen?

I'm not a mecha anime expert but this level of bullshit can't be normal.
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Devadasy and Goddanar.
>I'm not a mecha anime expert
That was obvious.

Beat me to it, though I think Kiss Dum trumps it if we count the TV version.
Probably Goldran.
At one point the main characters are casually sitting on a train window riding the space railroad with the windows wide open, ten episodes later all of a sudden space doesn't have air and one of the other main characters almost runs out of O2 before a shark battleship finds him.
Oh and Robot pregnancy.

Am I supposed to take a character who looks like this seriously?
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No characters in this manga are meant to be taken seriously
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No you're supposed to masturbate to him
you're fucking disgusting and you ruin every single thread you're in, kill yourself.

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Retro anime thread, go.
What retro anime is /a/ watching?
I'm watching Fang of the Sun Dougram. It's really neat to see the real robot genre evolving from some of the silly super robot aspects in 0079 to somewhat more grounded stuff. I was fucking shocked to see a mecha get taken out by regular infantry in the first episode.
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Currently watching No Game No Life, liking it sofar...
I'm talking about the old OVAs.

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So, is this actually gonna give some dept and development to mob or they're going to forget episode 5 even happened and turn it back into just a silly comedy.
Because the show has potential to be somewhat interesting.
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Why don't you read the manga and find out for yourself you filthy secondary?
Not a big fan of the art.
It looks great in animation tho, quite fluid, original and well done, it's animation is one of the main reasons i watch the show.
If you're not going to read the manga, why the hell are you asking for spoilers?

>draw a kid
>call it an adult

Does this bother anyone more than the trap thing?

I get that we have to suspend disbelief, and I get that this show is just cute ladies doing cute things, but sometimes I find it a little too jarring to handle.
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This is a Japanese adult.
>saw a manlet with a baby face at my uni
>he calls himself a 22 years old

Does this bother anyone more than the trap thing?
>Anon discovers a mirror at his uni campus

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